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Brad Pitt’s brother Doug Pitt says he’s ‘answered the same question for 25 years’

Brad Pitt’s brother Doug Pitt says he’s ‘answered the same question for 25 years’

The Hollywood A-lister's brother Doug Pitt has revealed he's ‘answered the same question' for a quarter of a century

Brad Pitt’s younger brother Doug Pitt once revealed he's 'answered the same question for 25 years'.

Doug, 56, has opened up about what it's like answering the same exact question about his Hollywood A-lister big brother Brad - who it was recently announced will drive a real F1 car at Silverstone - for over a quarter of a century.

While the pair share an undeniably uncanny sibling likeness, it's clear Doug - the self-titled 'second most famous Pitt' - has a whole identity of his own separate to the celebrity status of his elder brother.

Doug Pitt once said he has answered the same question about his big brother Brad Pitt for '25 years'.

Back in 2012, Doug appeared on Nova FM speaking to hosts Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli to discuss what his life was like being the brother to one of the most famous men on the planet.

While he lives a fairly private life away from the limelight, he did make the decision to step out of the shadows and leverage Brad's status in a hopes to raise money for Care to Learn - a programme founded by Doug in 2008 which partners with school districts in Missouri to provide emergent health, hunger, and hygiene resources to students so they can worry less and play more.

Doug made a side-splitting tongue-in-cheek video for Virgin Mobile in 2012 titled: "The Second Most Famous Pitt."

The clip ended up going viral and has since racked up millions of views across the internet.

Speaking about the advert, the hosts discussed with Doug his new-found stardom and how his Academy-award-winning brother reacted to it.

Wippa asked Doug: "Throughout your life, I mean, with the fame of your brother, of course, has it been hard?

"You do look similar and obviously your last name - is it just constant?"

Doug Pitt said his eyes 'glaze over' when he's asked the question.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

As Doug smiled on, Wippa continued: "You'd almost be able to predict when that question was coming."

Doug replied: "You know, there is that. Your eyes kind of glaze over, you know it's coming.

"I appreciate the interest, I understand why people want to ask about him but, you know, I've answered the same question for 25 years."

He carried on to reveal he does 'go a little bit on autopilot' whenever someone pops the inevitable question.

Wippa then jokingly asked the question Doug has been made to answer for decades now: "So, what's Brad like?"

Doug went on to offer different renditions of the question: "Do you see him? Do you meet him? When is he coming to town? What's Angelina like?"

While the interview was first uploaded over a decade ago, it seems to have been picking up some traction recently, with fans of the Fight Club star eager to learn more about his not-so-famous brother.

Doug Pitt revealed he goes on 'autopilot' when asked about his brother Brad.

The video has since clocked up over half a million views with hundreds of comments - many of which 'never knew' Brad, 59, even had a brother in the first place.

One YouTube user wrote: "Never knew Brad had a brother. First time seeing him. Seems like a chill down to earth guy."

A second echoed: "The fact that I never knew about this guy till today proves he's made his own path in life, and didn't ride his brother's coat tails in any way or degree."

"What a cool guy in his own right. Seems successful," a third sympathised. "What a pain to always be known as 'Brad's brother'."

A fourth joked: "If I ever meet Brad Pitt, my first question will be 'So how's Doug?' Just [to] do my part to help even the score lol."

"That’s one based individual," penned a final YouTube user.

"Priorities right, as it would seem. I’m genuinely thrilled to now know that Brad has such a kind brother."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / NOVA FM Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

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