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Brad Pitt goes unnoticed at Silverstone despite racing around the track at 150mph

Brad Pitt goes unnoticed at Silverstone despite racing around the track at 150mph

Brad Pitt impressed fans at the Silverstone as he did a lap of the iconic race track on Sunday.

He’s one of the most recognisable actors on the planet, but Brad Pitt seemingly went unnoticed as he raced around Silverstone at 150mph.

The 59-year-old was filming a new Formula One-inspired film and even to the iconic track amid real-life races over the weekend.

Whilst details of the motoring movie are being kept under wraps, Pitt is being instructed by some of the best racers for the film.

In fact, Lewis Hamilton is helping the Mr & Mrs Smith actor prepare for the fast-paced role with the seven-time world champion even being a consultant on the film.

This is why Pitt went seemingly unnoticed as he sped around Silverstone at an impressive 150mph, joining the track moments after Max Verstappen took pole position during qualifying on Saturday.

Brad Pitt blended in with the other F1 drivers as he took to the track at Sliverstone.
Getty images/Dan Mullan

Driving a specially adapted F2 car for the fictional team Apex, the A-List had 15 mounted on his vehicle to capture his epic lap.

On the track, there were an additional 20 hidden cameras filming as well as 100,000 spectators watching the Bullet Train star speed round.

Given the support from Hamilton, F1 fans were suitably impressed with Pitt's efforts on the track, with one claiming ‘nobody knew’.

Talking to The Telegraph, F1 superfan Marc Firth said: “Nobody knew it was Brad; we thought it was a random F2 car.”

“If that was him, he was pretty impressive, he didn’t hold back,” added Jamie Kingston, who had also been present on Sunday.

Sadly though, F1 fans will have to wait to see more of Pitt behind the wheel as the untitled movie is yet to get a release date.

The A-lister raced around Silverstone at 150mph.
Getty Images/Ryan Pierse

But the A-Lister is firing on all cylinders to get the film made as he is personally a massive fan of motor racing.

Prior to becoming a producer on the film, he even completed a lap at the legendary Le Mans circuit in France.

The film will see Pitt star as Sonny Hayes, a veteran F1 racer who gets behind the wheel after 30 years away from the sport.

The Apple film is also being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and Joseph Kosinski – who recently directed Top Gun: Maverick.

If that isn’t enough to get your pulses racing, Pitt has also been intense training for the role at Winfield Racing School, reaching speeds of almost 200mph – despite being older than any other F1 driver.

Guess we’ll be racing to the cinema when the film is finally released.

Featured Image Credit: Dan Mullan/Getty Images / Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

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