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What Is Bradley Cooper's Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Bradley Cooper's Net Worth In 2022?

Cooper has been involved in countless Hollywood classics throughout his career, but what is he worth?

Bradley Cooper is an American actor, filmmaker, producer and director and has been involved in countless Hollywood classics throughout his career!

Although appearing in various TV shows and films beforehand, Cooper’s breakout role came in 2009 where he was cast as Phil in ‘The Hangover’. This hilarious film saw four men deal with the aftermath of a stag-do that was taken too far and was the recipient of the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

In 2011, Cooper starred in the thriller ‘Limitless’ and this same year also saw the release of ‘Hangover 2’. Cooper was a busy man in 2012, featuring in quite a few films, with the most notable being “Silver Linings Playbook”. Cooper was rewarded with the MTV Movie Award for Best Performance for his stellar performance in this film, as well as nominations for an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award.

More recently, Cooper has continued to star in some big name films. ‘The Hangover III’, ‘American Sniper’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ are the latest additions to Cooper’s inventory of classics he has appeared in, with the latter even seeing him nominated for two Grammys as well as three Academy Awards.

With the glittering success of his acting career, what is Bradley Cooper’s Net Worth in 2022?

Bradley Cooper’s Net Worth:

Unsurprisingly, Cooper boasts a seriously high net worth which sits at $100 million dollars, according to Celebritynetworth

This comes as no shock when considering the fact Cooper can earn as much as $20 million per movie. Between June 2018 and June 2019, Cooper reportedly earned a whopping $60 million, making him one of the five highest paid actors on the planet.

The 47 year old has appeared in Forbes Celebrity 100 on two occasions and also on Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

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