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Bradley Walsh 'Replaced' For One-Off Episode Of The Chase

Bradley Walsh 'Replaced' For One-Off Episode Of The Chase

The comedian has become synonymous with the show but a new face took his spot this weekend

Since The Chase first aired back in 2009, it has been led by Bradley Walsh.

However, the much loved comic was replaced over the weekend for a one-off episode of the game show.

Well, kind of.

As it was the New Year weekend, ITV broadcast a special bloopers edition of the show, with hilarious outtakes from series gone by.

But taking Walsh's place this time round was comedian Joe Pasquale.

And in his own unique and cheeky style, the funnyman couldn't resist having a dig at the proper host's expense in his opening bit.

Welcoming viewers, Pasquale said: "Hello, and welcome to The Chase. I'm Bradley Walsh, TV's luckiest man.

"And once again, I'll be asking questions I can barely read - let alone understand."

Joe Pasquale was chased off set.

A seemingly upset Walsh could then be heard shouting 'cut' and ordering security to go in and boot the joker out.

Two people, it would seem from the audience, quickly rushed onto the set, with Pasquale legging it.

We then heard from Walsh, who was sat in the director's booth as he looked back at some of the funniest bloopers from the show.

He said: "Yes, it's me, the real Brad. And I'm not really the director - they only let me sit in the chair if I promise not to touch anything!"

Bradley Walsh presenting the blooper special.

But while this was all a bit of fun, there was nothing staged about Mark Labbett's woeful performance recently.

The man had an absolute shocker.

In case you’re not familiar with the format, at the end of the show, the Chaser has to catch the contestant by answering more questions than the contestants got right beforehand.

If they get one wrong, the contestants can push the Chaser back by answering the question correctly.

And while anything below 20 often seems like easy pickings in the final round, 'The Beast' struggled with a score of just 11.

This meant that the two contestants that remained – Joseph and Dave – scooped the £11,000 jackpot to share between themselves.

Mark Labbett had a shocker of a performance recently.

However, they definitely got a slice of luck as The Beast was well below his best.

Afterwards, he referred to the performance as his ‘worst ever’.

Still, he said that he wasn’t that bad, as the questions were just really hard and he didn’t know the answers.

Obviously, all questions are easy if you know what the answers are.

"That’s the worst performance ever, and yet I didn’t play that badly, because with the exception of [a question about] trifle when I just got the layers wrong, I just didn’t know them," he said.

Bradley concurred: "I thought that were really tough."

However, he told the players: "Well played indeed."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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