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BGT illusionist accused of 'ripping off' act performed a decade before

BGT illusionist accused of 'ripping off' act performed a decade before

The singing magician has been accused of copying someone else's act

A Britain's Got Talent contestant has been accused of getting his act by copying the routine of another performer.

Lewis Fuller is a magician and singer, who made it through to the BGT semi finals after wowing the judges with a performance where he levitated a woman and made her disappear.

However, another magician has claimed that Fuller has 'ripped off' part of his act that he'd performed 'a decade before'.

Singing magician Lewis Fuller has denied copying another performer's routine on Britain's Got Talent.
Facebook/Lewis Fuller

Jamie Allan claimed to The Sun that he saw 'similarities' between his act of illusory magic and the routine Lewis did.

A representative for Lewis told them the claims were 'false and damaging' to the performer's career.

They said: "To allude that Lewis’ act is not his own, is completely false. Lewis did not purchase the book ahead of his audition, and therefore it has no significance to Lewis’ BGT act.

“He deserves to have his moment without false accusations being made."

Allan, 46, claimed that he'd watched the 24-year-old Britain's Got Talent contestant performing, and at the end thought it was very similar to his own magic act.

He said: "I was watching it through and I thought 'ok that’s really good'. I thought it was great actually and it was only at the end when the girl rose up and I thought ‘oh no he’s not going to do the end of my bit, is he?’

"When that happened I thought ‘that’s such a unique effect, that’s never been done anywhere else'. Then when you look back on the rest of it, you can see the similarities."

Jamie, who has a touring technological magic show he calls iMagician, alleges that he 'did it 10 years ago', and claims he's met Lewis Fuller on a couple of occasions.

The 46-year-old claimed that he thought Fuller was 'a great magician and a great singer', but 'doesn't know the etiquette' and chided him for supposedly using parts of his routine.

Jamie Allan claims he first performed the trick about a decade ago and accused Lewis of 'ripping off' his routine.

Allan claimed the trick was 'based on my work' and alleged that BGT contestant Lewis would know about it - as he's bought his book - though the 46-year-old said it had been bought after the initial audition.

Representatives for Fuller said Lewis hadn't bought the book before his audition, so the knowledge within can't have been part of his act.

Lewis made it to the semi finals of Britain's Got Talent, but alas he will go no further in the competition after being told that he was going home.

The singing magician took to social media to thank everyone who'd contributed to his journey and said it was 'just the start' for him.

LADbible have contacted Lewis Fuller for comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / ITV

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