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Britain's Got Talent Viewers Claim Show Is Fixed After Singer Gets First Golden Buzzer

Britain's Got Talent Viewers Claim Show Is Fixed After Singer Gets First Golden Buzzer

Britain's Got Talent viewers have hit out at the show after the first Golden Buzzer of the series was given

Last night (16 April), Britain's Got Talent gave its first Golden Buzzer and fans are claiming it's a fix.

While Britain's Got Talent is known for showing an eclectic mix of musicians, magicians and other acts we aren't sure what to call, many fans were outraged after the first Golden Buzzer was awarded.

The show returned to screens last night, after a two year absence and the Golden Buzzer, a one-way ticket to the show's semi-finals, was already given out - to an already famous singer.

Hosted by Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams, acts flocked to the stage in the hopes of winning the popular show.

However, fans weren't happy when the show's first Golden Buzzer was given out by Amanda Holden.

The buzzer was given to Loren Allred, who performed the song 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman musical.

Loren Allred on Britain's Got Talent.

Here's where fans had the issue: while Allred doesn't appear onscreen in the hit movie, she did provide the vocals for the track she ended up singing on Britain's Got Talent.

So, fans did what they do after most talent shows restart, they took to Twitter to share their feelings.

One wrote: "Can someone explain to me why everyone was so amazed that a woman who sang one of the songs for the actual movie of The Greatest Showman could sing the same song on stage on #BritainsGotTalent."

One fan joked abut the moment Cowell welcomed Allred to stage: "Simon: 'Maybe this is your moment.' Except she's already a successful music star in the States! Did Simon think nobody would notice? Bet all those non-professional British acts are well chuffed with this crock of s***."

Another added: "You’re seriously trying to tell me Simon Cowell (one of the biggest record executives in the business) had no idea that his 'favourite song' Never Enough was actually sung by Loren Allred? BGT loses credibility with every passing second So contrived! #BGT."

While a fourth called the show, an 'obvious fix', adding: "Used to watch #bgt with the kids so gave it a go last night. Used to love terrible amateurs doing their best & finding an un, not the obvious #FIX of wheeling out an established singer & a surprised dad already wearing a mic."

However, Allred weighed in on the comments herself, telling The Sun: "Even though I have spent a lot of years in the music industry, people don’t know who I am. Over all these years I’ve been fighting for my chance to be known and to make it.

Loren provided vocals for The Greatest Showman.

"The opportunity to sing 'Never Enough' evolved from being a session singer in the choir, and even though the song was a big success, people still think that the actress sang it. I have never gotten the opportunity to tell my story. That’s never happened for me.

"I am an unsigned, independent artist still trying to make a name for myself."

A spokesperson for the show said: "Loren is not a household name, and she deserves her spot on the BGT stage."

"It’s fantastic that Loren is now able to step out and stand in her own right to be the face, and not just the voice, of one of the most well-known tracks of all time."

Britain's Got Talent will be back on tonight (17 April).

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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