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American Woman's Hilarious Tips About UK Go Viral After Moving To Manchester

American Woman's Hilarious Tips About UK Go Viral After Moving To Manchester

This is all kinds of brilliant.

An American woman’s hilarious tips about living in the UK have gone viral after she moved across the pond.

California-born singer Sola took to TikTok to share everything she's learned about British culture since settling in Manchester, and they're nothing short of genius.

The US native has settled in so well, she’s even adopted British sayings like “you alright?”, “a brew” and “right then”, as well as developing a love for James Corden in Gavin and Stacey — while not sharing the same fondness for his other acting roles. Check out the video below:

Viewers have since taken to her page to share their praise for the her tips on surviving British life.

One person agreed with the woman’s sentiments, writing: “The James Corden thing though. We love Smithy but hate James Corden.”

“Oh god, you’re so spot on about James Corden lol. Literally can’t stand the man but loved the show,” another agreed.

“Omg the James Corden thing is so spot-on,” another added.

An American woman’s hilarious tips about the UK have gone viral.
@iamsolamusic / TikTok.

“One of the only accurate videos I’ve seen,” someone else wrote.

“No one chooses their nickname, ever,” another person said of her tips.

One wrote: “You mentioned Alan Partridge. Ultimate respect.”

“Kudos for the Alan Partridge name check. You’re one of us now,” another added.

Viewers took to the comments section on the social media platform to share their praise.
@iamsolamusic / TikTok.

“It’s funny hearing how brits are. We sound very complicated lol,” one commented.

Noel Gallagher's daughter Anaïs also took to the comments section to praise the woman on her social observations, writing: “You’ve nailed it Completely!!” 

Elsewhere, another US-born woman has shared all the things she finds weird and wonderful about living in the UK.

Jessica Rose, who now lives in Birmingham, has done the hard work for you by compiling a pretty extensive list of things that just straight up confuse her about our little island.

Noel Gallagher's daughter Anaïs Gallagher also took to the comments section.

And having lived in the UK for over a decade, she's had a lot of time to think about this list.

Sharing her list of quirks to Twitter, Jessica said: "British people have rising intonation when they say 'bye' on the phone so it's a bouncy 'byYEEE' and why do you people do that?

"Please why beans on toast there are so many other lazy foods that are actually good why is this a thing?

"People here put fish fingers (yes they mean fish sticks but I'm fine w the name part) in sandwiches which is just...why.” You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok @iamsolamusic / Alamy

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