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Little known rules for Cards Against Humanity are hilarious

Little known rules for Cards Against Humanity are hilarious

Read on if you want to mix things up this Christmas...

Getting sick of the usual card games this holiday season? Why not change things up by playing a game of Cards Against Humanity with some of their little-known remixed rules!

If you have the game in your household, it's definitely worth taking a quick scan though the rule book to check out the optional house rules, because some of them are... interesting.

If you've played Cards Against Humanity before, you might think it's a pretty straightforward game. But it can be a lot more complicated than you might think.

Cards Against Humanity has some remixed rules, if you're up for it.
Kay Roxby / Alamy Stock Photo

In a typical game, each player draws ten White cards, and one person is appointed the Card Czar. Each time the Card Czar plays a Black Card - which contains a question of a fill-in-the-blank sentence - each player must play one of their White cards to complete the card.

All White cards are played face down, and the Card Czar shuffles them all before looking through them and picking out a winner.

Some of the classic switch-ups include:

  • Happy Ending: When you're ready to stop playing, play the 'Make a haiku' Black Card to end the game. This is the official ceremonial ending of a good game of Cards Against Humanity, and this card should be reserved for the end.
  • Rebooting the Universe: At any time, players may trade in an Awesome Point to return as many White Cards as they'd like to the deck and draw back up to ten.
  • God Is Dead: Play without a Card Czar. Each player picks his or her favourite card each round. The card with the most votes wins the round.
  • Survival of the Fittest: After everyone has answered the question, players take turns eliminating one card each. The last remaining card is declared the funniest.
  • Never Have I Ever: At any time, players may discard cards that they don't understand, but they must confess their ignorance to the group and suffer the resulting humiliation.

And if that wasn't weird enough, some editions of Cards Against Humanity come with some really off the wall options.

One game owner was baffled when she checked her instruction manual and found some of these House Rules:

The card game has become a festive favourite for many Brits.
  • Chubby Bunny: Players crumple up their winning cards and keep them in their mouths as points.
  • Freaky Friday: Players play Cards Against Humanity while wearing their mothers' underpants.
  • Hard Mode: Play Cards Against Humanity while raising four kids, dealing with chronic back pain, and waiting tables at Chili's. Bonus! For an added challenge, try being gay or black.
  • Tie Breaker: If the Card Czar can't decide between two White cards, he or she may declare a Tie Breaker. In the. event of a Tie Breaker, the more conventionally attractive player wins.
  • Don't play Cards Against Humanity: Walk to the park. Call your mother. Live a little.

A lot to digest here, I know. But these are all surefire ways to spice up your stale game.

Featured Image Credit: Antonio Batinić / Cards against Humanity / Alamy

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