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This is how James Corden really films Carpool Karaoke as final ever episode is released

This is how James Corden really films Carpool Karaoke as final ever episode is released

Carpool Karaoke is coming to an end and people have been shocked to discover James Corden isn't always driving

James Corden has brought his incredibly popular Carpool Karaoke series to an end after years of roaming around the streets of Los Angeles singing with celebrities.

In the final ever episode, which is due to air on 27 April, fellow Brit Adele snuck up on Corden as he slept and woke him up by crashing cymbals together.

The famous singer then drove Corden around for the last Carpool Karaoke episode as he brings his run on The Late Late Show to an end.

With the end of Carpool Karaoke, plenty of fans are casting their minds back to some of the most famous episodes and one in particular which revealed just how they made the segment.

Fans were shocked to spot the Carpool Karaoke episode with Justin Bieber being filmed as they spotted the car being mounted on extra wheels and towed along by a truck.

Adele was the final Carpool Karaoke guest.

It turns out that Corden isn't always genuinely driving along as he films the segment with celebrities and lots of fans were disappointed.

"MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE," one wrote, perhaps being a tad overdramatic at the discovery that Corden wasn't always driving around for every bit of footage.

The show itself isn't that tricky to make, you just get Corden and a celebrity into a car filled with cameras and let them get cracking with the whole premise.

However, some fans were dismayed to learn that there was an element of TV trickery to proceedings with the car being towed part of the way.

While some parts of Carpool Karaoke do indeed have the car mounted on a set of wheels and towed along by a truck to allow Corden and his celebrity guest to concentrate on singing instead of the road, the host insisted that '95 percent of the time' he really was driving.

Some fans were dismayed to discover that Corden isn't always driving the car, sometimes he's towed around by a truck.

Corden said he would 'always drive the car' unless the show decided to swerve into 'something we think might not be safe' which would include a dance routine or some manner of costume change.

He said he wanted 'credit' for driving most of the time on Carpool Karaoke 'because I was raised driving on a completely different side of the road'.

Corden has also poked fun at the notion that he's not really driving on the show, posting a picture to Twitter of himself and Samuel L Jackson recreating a scene from Pulp Fiction.

In the snap the actor and host were sitting on stools with Corden holding a fake steering wheel and the whole post was captioned 'guys, we don't even use a real car' to poke fun at those shocked to discover that not all the driving was real.

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