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Somehow Snoop Dogg Lost A Weed-Themed Question On 'Family Feud'

Somehow Snoop Dogg Lost A Weed-Themed Question On 'Family Feud'

His answer just wasn't high enough, ironically.

If there's one subject you'd expect Snoop Dogg to excel in, it's marijuana.

I'm talking weeeeeeeeeed, bro. Ganja. Skunk. Sweet Mary Jane. Rocky. Cheese. Grass. Pot.

All that stuff.

If I asked you to name a celebrity who you associate with weed, Snoop Dogg is up there in the top three, right?! So when he appeared on Celebrity Family Feud over in America and the host, Steve Harvey, said the word 'marijuana', you can bet your arse that Snoop's hand moved quicker than a weak vegetarian at a barbeque.

Unfortunately, he was beaten. Embarrassingly so.


Credit: ABC Television Network

As you can see, when asked to 'name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana', Snoop answered 'put hands on him'. That means 'hit him'.

Professional boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard, said 'yell at him'. Which beat Snoop's answer. Damn. That's got to be quite embarrassing.

Now, it's one of those questions that doesn't really take into account your extensive knowledge of weed, so I'm happy to forgive him. However, you'd expect him to get any question with 'marijuana' in it right.

I still love you, Snoop.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: ABC Television Network

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