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Adam Collard says Laura Woods is his 'soulmate' as he opens up on how he chatted her up

Adam Collard says Laura Woods is his 'soulmate' as he opens up on how he chatted her up

The Love Island star says he has changed his ways and only has eyes for sports presenter Laura

Adam Collard says he thinks he has now found his 'soulmate' in TV presenter Laura Woods.

The Geordie, 28, has earned quite the reputation as a womaniser after signing up to a series of dating shows on the telly.

He became the Casanova of Casa Amor in 2018 during his first stint on Love Island, before the infamous 'player' was brought back by drama-hungry producers in 2022.

Collard has been causing trouble this year too - as viewers weren't happy with the way he treated model Lottie Moss while they were both on E4's latest series of Celebs Go Dating.

But more recently, he has struck up a romance with sports pundit Woods, 36, and the reality TV alum says he is in it for the long haul.

Collard rubbished his 'bad boy' reputation and says he doesn't even know how he landed a date with the former TalkSPORT host, because it was his 'worst' attempt at flirting ever.

Adam Collard described the sports presenter as his 'soul mate'.

He told "I wouldn’t get in a relationship with someone that I didn’t feel like it could last forever.

"For someone who has the reputation of playing the most games (because of Love Island), I’m honestly heart on my sleeve and I can’t fake anything.

"If something’s wrong with me, you know about it. But Laura, she is the real deal. And I’m taking it easy.




"I’m older, I’m wiser, she’s got her own stuff going on. It’s working and I’m enjoying it."

Collard claims this relationship is different - largely because he didn't meet his new girlfriend on a dating show.

He added: "You can’t have a casual day in my life – it instantly turns into being a girlfriend because we’ve been spotted somewhere and that is the problem.

The Love Island star has quite the reputation with the ladies.

"With the media, it is a lot of pressure. I also think that you have to be settled within yourself, and I’m definitely the most confident I’ve ever been with everything I’m doing right now.

"I’m not doing things because of the pressures of TV or social media."

Collard then revealed how he managed to win over Woods - who he is looking forward to spending Christmas with - although, he admits it wasn't very suave.

He continued: "[First meeting her] was probably my worst game ever. Probably the least smooth I’ve ever been, but then again, that’s why it feels a lot more genuine.

"The funniest part about the story is that I walked past Laura the first time I met her, and didn’t actually know her by name.

"I think because it was like that and because there were no preconceived notions or pressure, that’s why it works. I’m just Adam. She’s just Laura."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@‌adamcollard/@laurawoodsy

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