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People in stitches at ‘rude’ way awards shows tell celebrities to ‘stop talking’

People in stitches at ‘rude’ way awards shows tell celebrities to ‘stop talking’

Awards ceremonies make it clear when it's time to get off the stage

If you've ever watched an award ceremony then you'll likely have seen speeches that went on too long and others which didn't last long enough.

Every winner deserves a chance to say their piece but everyone there has homes to go to and ought to be in bed by a reasonable time, so it can be useful to remind them they're on the clock.

We've just had the Grammys, AKA the music one, and when we weren't all fixated on the possibility that Miley Cyrus' bodyguard was wielding a 'tactical umbrella', some people got awards.

Taylor Swift even got an award presented to her by Celine Dion, so you can understand why the winners might want to stretch out their time in the limelight.

However, the awards ceremony has a brilliant way of letting them know when it's time to move along which people have found hilarious.

Even awards ceremonies can't let someone have the limelight for too long.
TikTok / @lil_lizzie__/

One of those celebs who fell foul of this was Victoria Monét, who picked up the Best New Artist gong, and in her speech she had a lot of people to thank.

Footage of the crowd during her speech has ended up on TikTok, where people have spotted the signs the Grammys use to cajole their winners into ending their speeches.

It's really not subtle, they've got big screens which after a while told Monét to 'please stop', and as she kept thanking people important to her achievement, the screen then changed to flashing 'wrap it up'.

Monét acknowledged that she only had a minute to say what she needed to say, and the Grammys turned the music up while she was still speaking to really hammer home that it was time to say goodbye.

Naturally people found this equal parts rude and hilarious.

If you took even longer this sign would start flashing at you.

One said that the 'please stop' sign 'actually killed me, while another found the moment where the music got louder to be even funnier.

Others were less impressed, commenting that the 'Grammys are so unserious', while more suggested she 'deserved more than a min' after so much effort to win the award.

TikToker @martialkat ended up with millions of views on her video of the moment and she later had to explain that these ceremonies do have a schedule to keep.

Letting your famous faves waffle on for minutes at a time would throw a massive wrench in all of that, so while you might want to hear everything they've got to say, the whole thing would go on for hours longer if they weren't told to 'wrap it up' with giant signs.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @lil_lizzie__/

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