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Bhad Bhabie reveals she's pregnant with her first child

Bhad Bhabie reveals she's pregnant with her first child

Bhad Bhabie has made a pregnancy announcement.

Rapper Bhad Bhabie has revealed that she is going to be a mum.

The 20-year-old - who has made a fortune on OnlyFans - took to social media this evening (1 December) to share the good news.

The social media personality, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, is largely known for guest appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016, where she infamously threatened: "Cash me outside, how 'bout that?"

The phrase has since become a viral meme.

Nowadays, Bregoli is making staggering amount of money on OnlyFans.

Within eight months, Bregoli earned a whopping $38.6 million.

And within the first month of joining the platform, she made $18 million.


As soon as Bregoli turned 18 years old, she decided to venture into OnlyFans – a business decision that has more than paid off.

“I wasn’t really thinking much of it at the time,” she said.

“But I was actually broke as f**k before I started OnlyFans.

“My mom was in control of my money, so she was doing whatever she wanted to do, and I had a $500 limit on my card.”


Now her finances are in a great place, Bhabie looks to be focusing on having a family after sharing two mirror selfies of her baby bump on Instagram today.

"From bhadbhabie to bhadmhommy," one fan commented.

Another said: "She’s gonna have a girl and 15 years from now she gone give you everything you gave your mom!!!!! “Cach me outside” how bout dat?"

A third added: "Baby first words gonna be catch me outside how bout dat."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bhadbhabie/Dr Phil

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