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Brad Pitt once got ‘kidnapped’ in plain sight but police ignored after making special agreement

Brad Pitt once got ‘kidnapped’ in plain sight but police ignored after making special agreement

The Hollywood star was once 'abducted' in public but police ignored 911 calls

Hollywood legend Brad Pitt was once 'kidnapped' in public, and police didn't even respond to calls from worried witnesses.

The actor was simply in line at Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles when he was 'abducted' and thrown into a van, in front of the shocked public.

Here's some background for you: It's the early 2000s, 'wazzaaaaap' is still a thing, flip phones are the new craze and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are Hollywood's hottest couple.

Yes, all of that did happen over 20 years ago and I hope you feel as old as I do.

Anyway, one of the most popular series in pop culture at the time was Jackass.

The reality comedy franchise featured crazy stunts, pranks and general dangerous behaviour that the cast exhibited for real, no strings attached.

I mean, who could complain? A bunch of guys jumping over things and getting hurt for our entertainment - it felt like a win-win.

Featuring big names Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville alongside their daring cast, they cultivated a whole generation with their strange shenanigans.

It resulted in three seasons of TV shows and several movies, with the latest coming out in 2022.

Brad Pitt was 'kidnapped' off the pavement in front of the stunned public.

And guess what? Pitt was a huge fan.

He loved the franchise so much that he asked Knoxville if he could be a part of it.

So the Jackass guys arranged a one minute bit in their last episode on TV, fittingly called 'The Abduction'.

In a YouTube video called 'Exploiting My Most Famous Friends', Steve-O explained: "You would not believe how much crazy s**t I've done with super famous people.

"Like Brad Pitt, we straight up kidnapped his a** off the sidewalk in front of a bunch of people.

"And it was okay because we planned it ahead of time with the cops, who knew to disregard 911 calls about Brad Pitt being kidnapped."

One man even tried to follow the van after the prank.

In all fairness, some people did approach the van as Pitt was picked up, screaming for help.

One man even called the police and said: “Brad Pitt was in line and he was just kidnapped and throw into a van, I’m really not kidding.”

Which is quite hilarious if you know what's going on.

In the YouTube video, Steve-O also went on to tell the story of how he presented an award at the VMAs, stapling the card to his chest before revealing that the winner was Eminem.

The rapper took to the stage and said: "This guy's really bleeding!"

Eminem shook Steve-O's hand as the blood ran down his abdomen, but could you imagine something like that happening today?

I don't think it'd be possible, Jackass really were one-of-a-kind.

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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