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Daniel Radcliffe reveals he’ll be returning to work this year after becoming a dad

Daniel Radcliffe reveals he’ll be returning to work this year after becoming a dad

The actor and his partner Erin Darke welcomed a son earlier this year

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he’ll soon be heading back to work after taking a bit of time out following the birth of his son.

Radcliffe has been enjoying a break from acting while he adjusts to his new life as a father after he and his partner Erin Darke welcomed a baby boy in April 2023.

The Harry Potter star and Darke, herself a star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, have stepped away from their day jobs to get used to having a child, as is completely normal, but now it seems as if Radcliffe is planning to return to the screen.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he suggested that he could be returning to working life ‘later this year’.

Daniel Radcliffe with his baby son.
John Nacion/Getty

For now though, he’s clearly really having a blast being a dad.

OK, some of it is pretty scary, but as you get used to it there’s a lot of reward to be had.

Talking to E! News, he said: “It’s frankly terrifying to have a human being in the world that I care this much about and that everything he does is going to affect how I feel about my life for the rest of my life.

“So, you know, that’s intimidating.”

Life as a small family can be tough right at the start, but clearly the 34-year-old is loving his new role as a father.

Radcliffe continued: “The fact that there is a creature in the world that can give you the worst night of your life and then you wake up in the morning and go over to them and they turn around and smile and you’re like, I don’t care about any of the things you just did.

“That’s pretty cool.”

He usually doesn’t discuss too much of his private affairs, which might be something to do with the intrusion into his world from such a young age when he was in Harry Potter, but he’s opened up on how he plans to balance family life with his work going forwards.

In that Entertainment Tonight interview, Radcliffe said: "It hasn’t really yet affected things, but I really like spending time with him, and I think I’m gonna miss him when I go back to work later in the year."

There you have it - he'll be looking to return to work, but it won't just be any old work.

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Radcliffe continued: “So, I will definitely be a bit more selective… I’ve always been selective, but I think I’ll probably work a little bit less for the next few years.

“I’ll never be stopping.

“I don’t think that’s good for me either.”

Well, we’re approaching the end of the year now, so we’ll have to see what plans Radcliffe has to start work again, and what his next role will be.

Featured Image Credit: Craig Barritt/Variety via Getty Images/ John Nacion/Getty Images

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