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Heidi Klum told latest Halloween outfit is 'the worst one yet'

Heidi Klum told latest Halloween outfit is 'the worst one yet'

Heidi Klum is known for her outlandish Halloween costumes, but this one attracted a fair few haters

It’s just been Halloween – as you’ll probably know – and now that we’re into November we can dedicate a bit of time to what everyone’s costumes were.

The one that everyone looks for each year is Heidi Klum, as she’s well known for putting in some ridiculous displays.

Last year, she dressed up as a strange – and frankly disturbing – worm for last year’s festivities, before revealing herself in a different costume for the actual party.

So, the bar is set pretty high, to be honest.

This year, though, people have accused Heidi of being a bit ‘boring’ as she toned things back and went for something a little more – sort of – normal.

This isn’t to say that it wasn’t wearing an over-the-top fancy costume, but Klum’s peacock costume is a world apart from the horrific worm creation of yesteryear.

Heidi Klum's peacock costume.
X/Heidi Klum

She wore a tight-fitted blue bodysuit and a mask with a yellow beak on it, as well as a head dress that was covered in feathers.

One strange thing this year was that she made the costume a multi-player effort, standing atop another person dressed as the peacock’s ‘legs’ for the full effect.

Then, she was joined by dancers in sparkly and bedazzling outfits that made up the peacock’s plumage behind her.

Basically, if you think this is boring, I’d love to see what your costume was like last night.

The party was attended by a whole host of stars, including Camilla Cabello, who dressed up as Anne Hathaway’s character from The Princess Diaries, as well as singer H.E.R., Coco Austin, Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk, and Austin’s husband, Ice T.

However, as we’ve said, Klum’s costume wasn’t for everyone.

One person tweeted: “Worst one yet.”

Another simply wrote: “Weak, Heidi.”

Again, what was your costume like?

It had better have been more extravagant than this, or more horrific than the worm.

THIS is the horrendous worm from last year.

Thought not.

Not everyone was so dismissive, though.

Loads of others commented to show their support for Heidi.

One comment read: “I look forward to your costume every year!

“You slayed once again!”

Another said: “God, your costumes are always fabulous.”

A third said: “Wow! Your costumes are always so fun and unique!

“You keep raising the bar! Happy Halloween, Heidi!”

Yes, a Happy Halloween to us all.

Now, everyone can really start gearing up for Christmas.

Only kidding, give it at least a couple of weeks, please.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@‌heidiklum/Gotham/WireImage

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