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Heidi Klum's husband's Halloween costume outshines hers for the first time

Heidi Klum's husband's Halloween costume outshines hers for the first time

Heidi Klum usually has a crazy Halloween costume but this year her husband outdid her

The constants in life are death, taxes and Heidi Klum dressing up in a really weird costume for Halloween.

Everyone remembers that terrifyingly weird looking worm costume she wore, while another eye-catching ensemble was the alien-robot-corpse thing she had on back in 2019 which took her 13 hours to get into.

Of course it's not just Klum who uses Halloween as an excuse to dress weirdly as her husband Tom Kaulitz also joins in on the fun and often does a couple's costume with her.

A very strange, rather off-putting interpretation of a couple's costume, but what could certainly be described as a couple's costume nonetheless.

When Heidi was dressed as a giant worm Tom went as a fisherman with his eye gouged out, which sort of makes sense.

Heidi Klum dressed as a peacock this Halloween, with a bit of help from others.

When Heidi was the aforementioned alien-robot-corpse thing Tom dressed up as a dead astronaut.

This time around she's done Halloween dressed as a peacock, with some people reckoning it's her 'worst one yet' as the outfit takes about 10 other people to complete.

See, Klum is only playing the blue-feathered body of the peacock while she's got other people to represent the bird's legs and distinctive tail feathers so it's quite a complex costume.

However, this time she's been completely blown out of the water by her husband as Tom decided this Halloween to go as a peacock's egg.

A really giant peacock's egg.

This is actually pretty terrifying.

There you have it folks, the finest Halloween costumes which money can buy, one of them requires a staff of 10 other people to make it work and the other is an impractically giant egg suit.

While they might not have been very practical outfits people were absolutely digging the vibes the celebrity couple were giving off.

One person wrote that Tom was 'giving the absolute strongest Kenergy', which if you haven't seen Barbie yet is a mighty compliment.

Another said he was 'doing the husband thing right', while a third said Tom 'made me fall even more in love with you dressed as an egg'.

To be truly honest the couple's costume is simultaneously incredible and uncanny, there's just something about a man's grinning face protruding from a giant egg costume that is indescribably weird.

That is one happy looking egg.
Noam Galai/Getty Images for Heidi Klum

Then again, at Halloween it's all about committing to the bit and nobody can say that the pair haven't done that.

She brought an elegant peacock costume complete with 10 people to make it work and he cocooned himself inside a giant egg suit.

All we can say is we hope it wasn't too warm in there.

Featured Image Credit: Gotham/WireImage/Taylor Hill/Getty Image

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