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Jock Zonfrillo's wife shares heart breaking post ahead of Masterchef finale

Jock Zonfrillo's wife shares heart breaking post ahead of Masterchef finale

Lauren said she and her children would sit together to watch the show's last episode.

Jock Zonfrillo’s wife shares a tear-jerking message ahead of the Masterchef finale.

The chef’s wife, Lauren, who has continued to post on her husband’s Instagram page since his passing, has shared a heartfelt tribute leading up to the show's last episode.

Lauren revealed in the clip that while she and her children haven’t watched the series thus far, she said they would sit down together to watch the finale.

"Tonight is the MasterChef finale... as a family, we're going to try to watch it, we haven't been able to watch this season just yet. It's something we will try to do," she disclosed.


"But we felt tonight was an important one to watch. Like most families, there's moments across the year that are special and we used to really enjoy watching the finale together.

"It was something Jock was really proud of; it was a job he really loved doing. We've decided we're going to honour that and do what we usually do -- watch the finale together."

Lauren said her husband took great pride in being a part of the competition series, and she would continue to celebrate him.

“I've got so many messages off people today and through social and they all seem to be really sad... I just wanted to get on here and say, 'Yes, it is sad'," Lauren said as she broke down in tears.

"But this is something he loved doing and this is not the end of the line for Jock at all. We have so many wonderful recipes of Jock... [and] travel and family stuff that I would love to share with everyone."

Lauren, who shares two children with the famous chef - Alfie, five, and Isla, two, added that watching the show’s final episode would provide her with some comfort in these dark times.

"It's very much a way I can find meaning through all of this," she said.

Jock died at the age of 46 in April of this year, just hours before the series was set to air its first episode of the season.

Sam Tabone/Getty Images

He was found dead in a hotel room in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton after police were called to perform a welfare check.

The cause of his death has never been publicly shared.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jockzonfrillo

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