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John Cena was praised for respectful way he told fan to leave him alone

John Cena was praised for respectful way he told fan to leave him alone

A fan asked the wrestler to say his catchphrase, "Yo can't see me".

It doesn't look as though the celebrity lifestyle is as easy-going as some might first think.

It might sound like fun to have adoring fans approaching you, telling you they love you and begging for a selfie, but surely the novelty would wear off after a while?

And worse still, big name stars aren't really ever lucky enough to have days when you can simply shut out other people and go about their business as usual.

And no one is more aware of that than wrestler-turned-movie star, John Cena, who has been praised by fans for the respectful way he asked fans to give him some space whilst enjoying a meal out with friends.

The internet is awash with footage of celebrities having less than friendly encounters with fans who either met them at the wrong moment or were a little too insistent on getting something.

And though this pestering fan really does take the cake, the 46-year-old handled the situation like a true gentleman, later receiving worldwide praise from a hoard of social media users.

John received praise for the respectful way he asked to be left alone.
TikTok/ @alex99rocks

A fan approached Cena with their camera out and asked him, "Can you 'You can't see me, like'," with the Peacemaker star deftly responding, "How about, 'Can I enjoy some time with my friends?'"

Whomever was recording said 'ah sorry' and retreated with a nod of acknowledgement from Cena but the footage has since ended up online.

The encounter was posted to TikTok with the caption "L John Cena", but other wrestling fans who saw the footage were sure it was actually a scrumptiously massive W.

One said Cena was 'actually so nice' while another declared that he 'manages to always carry himself with hustle, loyalty and respect' which really are the three qualities one must strive to carry themselves with in life.

The wrestler is usually happy to pose with fans.
Monopoly Events

A third said he 'couldn't have been more professional' and there were many who took umbrage at the video's caption attempting to claim that this was in some was an L for Cena.

Someone else called him a 'polite boundary-setter', praising Cena for not raising his voice or swearing during the interaction with the fan who put a camera in his face.

Others thought that approaching celebrities was fine if you just told them 'hi, huge fan, I hope you're having a great day' and left it at that instead of putting a camera on them and asking them to say the line.

Featured Image Credit: WWE / TikTok/ @alex99rocks

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