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Ryan Reynolds has earned more than £350 million from side business away from acting

Ryan Reynolds has earned more than £350 million from side business away from acting

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds earns a very comfortable living from his side businesses

While Ryan Reynolds is best known for being a super successful Hollywood actor, as well as being the co-owner of a football club, it turns out that he also brings in a pretty comfortable living from his side businesses.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to fans of Reynolds, of course, with the Canadian actor being absolutely everywhere at the minute.

Even though the Deadpool actor isn't the first 'influencer' you may think of, his face alone can draw customers in more than your average joe to attract them to a company's product.

This ultimately results in a lot of money in his pocket.

So, what exactly are Reynolds' side businesses?

Yahoo! Finance reports that Reynolds, 47, owned a 25 percent stake in Mint Mobile at the time of its $1.35 billion sale to T-Mobile, netting the actor over $330 million (£260 million).

The actor also co-founded and sold Aviation American Gin for a whopping $610 million, netting as much as $122 million (£96 million) from the deal, according to NationalWorld.

Ryan Reynolds' side businesses includes brands such as Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin.
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

But Reynolds doesn't claim to be a 'master investor'.

He told CNBC: "My job is storytelling", before telling Fortune that he's 'no wizard' at investing and the key is 'emotional investment' instead.

Reynolds constantly makes up to nine and 10 figure investments through a concept know as 'value-added investing' - a common tactic amongst celebrities that sees a person with large sums of money invest millions in start up companies and use their expertise to grow the business.

The Wrexham F.C co-owner can use his persona to illuminate the story of the company and increase their investment return on advertisements.

His wife, Blake Lively, also revealed in a recent interview that the couple began their relationship with solid boundaries and an agreement to never work in an acting gig at the same time since 2011, increasing Reynold's interest in start-ups.

Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Reynolds already has his sights set on a new investment, rumoured to be Nuvei Corp after announcing his stake in the company last year.

Other possible investments from Reynolds include 1Password, Wealthsimple Inc., and the Alpine F1 Team.

In November 2022, Reynolds tried to purchase the Ottawa Senators, but in May 2023, several media outlets reported that the buyer group the actor was linked to didn't end up putting in a final bid.

Other celebrities like Venus Williams also use value-added investing, as the tennis star has shares in Ellevest, a digital investing platform and app that empowers women financially and helps them save for retirement.

Featured Image Credit: Leon Bennett/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images / Mint Mobile

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