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Charlie Hunnam leaves people in stitches after slipping into his real hometown accent during interview

Charlie Hunnam leaves people in stitches after slipping into his real hometown accent during interview

The Sons of Anarchy star previously opened up about his weird 'half English, half American' accent

While he might not exactly sound it, actor Charlie Hunnam was born up in the Geordieland of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Fans of Sons of Anarchy might be more used to hearing the Brit chat with an American accent, while other viewers may be used to him as the posh Raymond Smith in The Gentlemen.

So Hunnam’s fans were in stitches at hearing him speak with the accent of his real hometown in an interview with LADbible.

The actor was recalling his ‘encounter with hooligans’ when he cracked out some Geordie tones.

You can watch the clip here:

Sitting beside his The Gentlemen co-star, Guy Ritchie, Hunnam recalled: “I did come across some young rapscallions up in Newcastle a while ago.

“And they came up to me about three o’clock in the morning – I’d been playing poker and I was walking home – and they come up to me.”

Hunnam then slips in and out of a clear Geordie accent as he says: “’How man are you that film star?’

“And I said, ‘Yeah I am’ and he said, ‘I f**kin knew it. Gandalf the wizard ya f**kin beardy bast**d’.

“Then they all walk past me, ‘d**khead’ one-by-one.”

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy.

And TikTok users were in hysterics over his accent as they called him a ‘top guy’ and said: “I’m dead.”

One person said: “He’s lost his accent and now has to put on the accent which isn’t that convincing. Madness.”

However, some were more fixated on: “Not rapscallanions.”

“Why don’t we say rapscallions anymore?” another wrote. “I’m going to bring that back.”

While others pointed out that Hunnam’s first TV role was actually as a Geordie as he played Jason in Byker Grove for three episodes.

Hunnam had previously opened up about his strange ‘half English, half American’ accent.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Brit admitted the situation with how his voice sounds had become a little ‘embarrassing’.

Hunnam in The Gentlemen.

He said: "It's so embarrassing to say as an Englishman, but I'd been working in America for so long, that when I got King Arthur, I had to hire a dialect coach to help me sound English again, which was sort of an absurd situation to find myself in."

Hunnam had to change his accent again for series Shantaram, where he played an Australian fugitive named Lin Ford who lives in 1980s Bombay.

Addressing another change in accent, Hunnam told 7 News Australia: "I had a wonderful dialect coach and a lot of Australian friends who helped me, but honestly I think I probably got about 75 percent of the way there.

“I have a strange accent myself, it’s half English, half American, and everybody, my entire life, has thought I was Australian.”

We all know you’re a Geordie really lad, it’s alright.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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