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Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of himself without a beard and people are finding it hard to adjust

Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of himself without a beard and people are finding it hard to adjust

He looked very different in the throwback snaps

Dan Bilzerian once confused his fans after sharing some snaps of himself without his famous facial hair.

If I asked you to picture the millionaire poker player, you’d most likely be able to visualise him sitting on a yacht in a picturesque location surrounded by stunning, scantily clad women.

And you’d most likely be visualising him sporting his signature dark beard that he wears trimmed into a point, right?

In fact, his facial hair is probably his most recognisable feature - but, of course, it hasn’t always been a part of his look.

A fact, Bilzarian documented all the way back in 2014 when he took X - then known as Twitter - to show off his fuzz-free face and, honestly, he looks like a completely different bloke. Check it out:

Here he is beardless.

See? It’s weird, isn’t it?

I guess once you get used to seeing someone with a huge amount of facial hair, you hardly recognise them without and that certainly seems to be the case here.

Of course, he’s also significantly younger in these photographs, so that probably makes a difference, too.

In one, Bilzerian – who did train to become a Navy SEAL but never graduated – wears what appears to be military gear and holds a menacing looking weapon in his hand.

In another, which is a little more familiar, he’s shirtless and smiling away.

Sharing one of the photos on social media back in 2014, he wrote: “10 yrs ago before I had a beard, when girls just used me for sex and didn't want to date me.”

Bilzerian used the hashtag ‘#IMissThoseDays’ after sharing that snap, so he was clearly enjoying himself at the time.

It's definitely different.

Next to the snap, he stuck one of himself in more hirsute and recognisable form.

In another picture that has been dredged from the swamp of internet past, Bilzerian is taking a traditional mirror selfie, again wearing what looks like army fatigues.

Again, he’s got no beard, and looks pretty brooding.

It’s a far cry from his usual style, in which Bilzerian posts pictures of himself and his many – largely female – friends enjoying the trappings of his lavish lifestyle.

Yachts, cigars, expensive bottles of booze, they’re all hallmarks of the classic Bilzerian Instagram post, and in all of them he has a big beard.

Perhaps that is the secret to his success after all - it certainly doesn’t seem to have held him back, anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@danbilzerian

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