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Comedian Dave Chappelle abruptly walks off stage during show due fan's rude behaviour

Comedian Dave Chappelle abruptly walks off stage during show due fan's rude behaviour

The incident occurred at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida

Imagine going to an all-time famous comedian’s show and not even bothering to pay attention?

It’s no surprise that legendary joker Dave Chappelle called time on his latest gig after catching an audience member in their rude behaviour.

The 50-year-old was on his second night of a five-night stint at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, which is a 7,000 seat venue.

According to The Miami Herald, the incident occurred on Wednesday evening (27 December) during his set when Chappelle caught one fan sat on his mobile phone and decided that it wasn’t for him.

Not only is it the venue’s policy that ‘device and electronics free, per the artist’s request’, but it’s also clearly displayed on its website for anyone willing to check out the booking information.

Chappelle has introduced a ‘no cell phone’ policy for many of his shows in 2023, where fans need to accept the policy before buying their tickets.

Upon arrival to the venue, guests have to store their phones in Yondr neoprene pouches, and this policy is reiterated to the crowd before the show begins.

The fan violated the show's policy.

If, however, a member of the audience needs to use their phone in the case of an emergency, they are asked to leave the room.

So, realistically, that phone should have been tucked away for the entire show.

The outlet reported that the comedian uttered dissatisfaction with the audience and walked off the stage after the incident.

Even though Chappelle has yet to publicly address the matter, fans are not happy with the phone user and have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One person wrote on X : “I saw Dave Chappelle at the Hard Rock tonight and he (rightfully so) dropped the mic and stormed off the stage. My favorite comedian ever, my first time seeing him I was so excited and some p**** had to self-insert.”

Another understood where the comedian was coming from, adding: “Respect the artist. Respect the rules! Just enjoy, be in the moment rather than worrying about 'capturing the moment'.”

Dave Chappelle reportedly walked off stage after noticing a fan on their phone.

“Why waste your money and time to go watch Dave only to try and record it lol the obsession with recording everything is f****** weird. Live in the moment and enjoy,” commented another.

However, others weren’t too happy that the comedian let one person ruin it for the majority.

One user wrote: “Why didn't they just kick the offender out if the Venue instead if punishing the other 6,999 fans. I think that was moronic by Chappell.”

While someone else said: “Why others are being punished? Why can’t they remove the person who has the phone.”

But, at the end of the day, a policy is a policy.

LADbible reached out to Dave Chappelle’s representatives for comment.

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