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Dwayne Johnson buys a house for UFC fighter who was sleeping on a gym couch

Dwayne Johnson buys a house for UFC fighter who was sleeping on a gym couch

The Rock was blown away by Themba Gorimbo and wanted to give him a proper roof over his head.

Dwayne Johnson has surprised a UFC fighter with the ultimate gift.

Themba Gorimbo was sleeping on a couch at a gym in Miami while he was training to be a champion.

Despite his grit and determination, he lost his debut bout to AJ Fletcher and had about $7 (£5.44) in his bank account left.

Gorimbo managed to secure a second fight against Japan’s Takashi Soto and won.

He then opted to sell his gloves and trunks, using the $7,000 (£5,364.28) he earned to install a vital water pump in his village in Zimbabwe.

Johnson thought that was the most selfless act when the fighter clearly needed the money.

So, he decided to help him out in a big way.

Johnson snuck up on Gorimbo at the Miami gym while he was giving an interview.

Themba was very emotional when he saw the actor's face and told Johnson that he inspires him every day to do his best.

"Thank you. Now I will become a champion, trust me. Believe me!" he said.

The Rock said he wanted Themba to meet a friend of his called Jay that was 'well connected' in the Miami community.

But he just said that to get the fighter out of the gym and into his very own house.

When he was getting a tour of the place, he was shocked to see photos of his family already in picture frames.

Then Dwayne Johnson handed over the key and Themba couldn't believe his eyes and ears.

He kept hugging The Rock and thanked him over and over.

Johnson said: "I was so moved by your story and when I found out you were sleeping on the couch in the gym; there's no more couch sleeping. This is your house.

"Welcome home. Now you can bring your kids here."

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Johnson said Themba didn't need to worry about anything related to the house.

He just needed to focus on training and getting his family over to see him.

The fighter told The Rock that he hopes to be a UFC champion next year and is working endlessly to achieve that.

In addition to the property, Johnson took the liberty of filling out Themba's wardrobe with loads of training gear so that he didn't have to worry about that either.

Honestly, if this doesn't prove that Dwayne Johnson is the nicest guy in Hollywood then I don't know what will.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Dwayne Johnson

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