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Eminem’s child Stevie says they’re in their first serious relationship after coming out as non-binary

Eminem’s child Stevie says they’re in their first serious relationship after coming out as non-binary

Eminem's adoptive child revealed they've been living with their boyfriend since last year

One of Eminem’s children has revealed they’re in their first serious relationship after coming out as non-binary.

Stevie is the child of the rapper’s ex-wife Kim Scott, and he legally adopted them back in 2005.

The 21-year-old shared a TikTok back in 2021, opening up about being gender fluid, meaning they don’t identify as having a fixed gender.

Stevie created a video montage featuring photos of themself from over the years with the words: “Watch me become more comfortable with myself,” as they are happy to use all pronouns.

Eminem's child was flooded with support for being ‘an amazing person’.

Stevie recently made an appearance on their big sister’s podcast, Just a Little Shady - yes, how well named - with sister Hailie Jade Scott.

The host encouraged her sister to talk about their dating life and Stevie opened up about life with their boyfriend.

“He moved in with me last year, like December. It’s going really well, we’ve been together like two years now,” they said.

Stevie explained they were long-distance ‘for a while’ which their sister finds ‘crazy’.

Stevie lives with their boyfriend.

“It’s hard but I feel like if you really have a connection with someone it can work, especially if you make time for it to work," Stevie said.

“It’s a pretty hard thing but it’s a lot easier and it’s worth it once you get to live together and actually experience those things.”

The youngest of Eminem’s kids says their dating experience has been ‘really fun’ and calls it a ‘learning experience’.

“I’d say this is my first serious relationship,” Stevie added. “In my adult life.”

Hailie joked hearing her sister say this makes her ‘feel old’ as it’s crazy to hear from the 21-year-old.

Stevie went on to say they met ‘a lot’ of people on the internet through gaming who they are still friends with now.

The 21-year-old has shared various snaps of their boyfriend to Instagram.

Throughout their relationship with their boyfriend, the 21-year-old has shared various snaps to Instagram with captions such as ‘you make my heart sing’.

Many fans commented on their photos, calling the pair ‘so cute’.

Others said they were ‘goals’ and ‘adorable’.

One also put: “Very beautiful photos, we feel your happiness and your love, very moving.”

As another wrote: “I want a relationship like you guys.”

Stevie also opened up about their hobbies, revealing they read to kids in kindergarten classes and volunteer at an animal shelter.

They also revealed their Halloween costume, saying the couple are thinking of being a ‘vampire and bat’.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/just a little shady podcast/Tiktok/st0nedc0w

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