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Emma Stone reveals her very 'depressing' McDonald's order

Emma Stone reveals her very 'depressing' McDonald's order

Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo revealed some of their controversial opinions in a game of 'Agree to Disagree' with LadBible.

Emma Stone has revealed her 'depressing' McDonald's order, proving that condiments certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Check it out for yourself:

It really goes to show that just because you're in Hollywood, it doesn't mean you have a taste for all things fancy!

Stone is currently promoting her latest movie Poor Things, a fantasy-comedy film coming to the UK on 12 January.

The movie has already been under scrutiny, particularly for a scene in which Stone's character has sex with an apple, among other raunchy scenes that are set to take UK cinemas by storm.

But the movie has still generated a lot of excitement, causing waves at the Venice International Film Festival by winning the Golden Lion.

Poor Things, which also stars Mark Ruffalo, also comes with a warning due to the full frontal nudity shown in the film, further adding to the intrigue upon its release.

Emma Stone in Poor Things.
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The film has many waiting to flock to theatres this coming Friday, and so the build up to the film has been closely monitored too.

As a part of their press run, Stone and Ruffalo played a game of Agree to Disagree with LadBible TV.

Alongside discussing the upcoming movie, the pair also got personal, which included them debating over who their favourite Spice Girl is, whether they like taking baths, the Shrek franchise and more.

However, a major talking point from the game was when the movie stars were asked what their go-to McDonald's orders were.

Stone revealed her, as she put it, 'depressing' McDonald's order: "Mine is so depressing. What is it?

Stone was very apologetic for her 'depressing' Maccies order.

"It's cheese, like a plain burger. Number two. It's a plain burger. Two cheese burgers without the cheese or any condiments."

Yep, you heard that right - just a beef patty in the bun.

Mark Ruffalo jokingly chimed in: "You're like my 12-year-old," to which Stone replied: "I know, I eat like a 12-year-old. It's just the meat and the bun, the fries, a Dr. Pepper or a coke, depending on the day. Then a McFlurry, yeah.

Ruffalo then revealed his order: "A quarter pounder with cheese, no onions."

"Why no onions?" Stones asked.

"They give me gas, okay. It's not for me, it's for everyone around me," he said while Stone erupted into laughter.

You can watch the full game of Agree to Disagree on our YouTube channel.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Justin Sullivan/Getty

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