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Heston Blumenthal's £425 per person Christmas dinner includes no turkey or drinks

Heston Blumenthal's £425 per person Christmas dinner includes no turkey or drinks

The celebrity chef's menu features nearly 10 courses but still no bird

Sure, there’s a lot going on at this time of year; the work parties, the meals out with friends, the present buying and the family visiting.

But really, it’s all just a build up to the main event: Christmas dinner. Don’t even deny it, you know it’s the best part.

And for most of us, it’s a delicious home cooked meal with loads of roast veg and potatoes, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings (don’t try and tell me they don’t belong) and probably a bit of turkey.

Before the big meal though, you might tuck into a posh one at a restaurant.

Although if you wanted to go and visit this celebrity chef’s spot, it’ll cost you over £400 and you won’t even get the staples. Watch 'wadosiman's TikTok video of the menu here:

Heston Blumenthal is known for his unique creations with ‘multi-sensory cooking’ and different pairings.

The bloke’s even been made an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry because of his cooking.

But in the words of many of our nans, maybe it’s all just fur coat and no knickers.

This Christmas, he’s serving up a festive menu for a whopping £425 at his three Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck in Berkshire.

And get this, there’s no turkey, no drinks and no Christmas pudding. Yeah, people are sure as hell slamming him for it.

Plus, once you’ve splashed that out on food there’ll be an ‘optional’ 12.5 per cent service charge added on.

Known for his bacon and egg ice cream, Blumenthal’s menu focuses on ‘minimalist meals’ and features nine courses.

Heston Blumenthal is known for his unique creations with ‘multi-sensory cooking’ and different pairings.
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

First is ‘Christmas Tipples’ of Nitro-Poached Aperitifs. Yeah, you’ve already lost me.

Then it’s the ‘Pine Tonic of Botanicals’ made up of Green Herbs and Pine, Smoked Cumin and Jerusalem Artichoke.

This is followed by ‘Decorating the Tree’; truffled egg, smoked salmon and buttered toast with chicken liver parfait and plum.

Then there’s a ‘Langoustine Cocktail’ before ‘Roast Scallops and Almond’ which features chocolate, kombu and pickled lemon.

The Fat Duck serves next ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ with short rib of beef, lardo do colonnata, dried fruits, gold carrot and sherry.

And if you’re not feeling weird yet, there’s ‘King’s Venison (C.1066)’ of beetroot, chestnuts, Brussel sprouts, black truffle and umbles.

It’s all finished off with ‘Cheese, Nuts and Port’ before a serving of ‘Botrytis Cinerea’ – that’s literally fungus by the way, usually known as ‘grey mould’.

The Fat Duck.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Blumenthal previously explained: “It’s a noble rot. It’s a particular kind of rot that affects certain grapes. It’s a good rot, the grapes shrivel up, they lose their moisture and they develop all these really complex flavours.”

I mean, it just sounds so posh to the point I’m just looking for a ‘note of turkey’ at least.

This Christmas Menu has ran since 29 November and will end on 23 December – so there’s not long if you're tempted to try it.

But users have wrote on social media that ‘no Christmas dinner’ is worth £425, while others have slammed it as 'OTT' and joke it's the 'cost of living crisis'.

A spokesperson for the restaurant told LADbible: "The Fat Duck Festive menu devised of fourteen courses, takes in many of the traditional elements of Christmas, that includes leaving treats for Santa to decorating the tree, it also features many high-quality ingredients such as truffle and caviar.

"The menu includes dishes such as Langoustine Cocktail, Mince Pie with Short Rib of Beef, Kings Venison a traditional dish served at the Christmas feast for Kings and Botrytis Cinerea to name but a few.

"We see these dishes as a celebration of the season, and very much hope that Christmas dinner for all our guests will include the tradition of turkey and all the trimmings."

Featured Image Credit: BBC / Getty Stock Photo

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