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Joe Exotic 'shoots his shot' at Machine Gun Kelly with bizarre Insta message from prison

Joe Exotic 'shoots his shot' at Machine Gun Kelly with bizarre Insta message from prison

The rapper showed off his new ink and it seems to have caught Joe's eye

Joe Exotic - remember him? - has attempted to shoot his shot at Machine Gun Kelly after the rapper revealed his new ink.

Joe became internationally known after appearing in the absolutely bonkers Netflix documentary series Tiger King. You can refresh your memory here:

In January 2020, Joe was sentenced to a whopping 22 years in prison for numerous charges including conspiracy to commit murder for hire, against long-running rival Carole Baskin, and nine counts of violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Since his incarceration, Joe - whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado - has called on numerous celebrities and public figures - including the former US President Donald Trump to help get him out of prison.

Despite being behind bars, it would appear Joe has someone on the outside who is willing to post on social media for him - as in recent days he commented on a sweet snap of Kourtney Kardashian with her newborn son Rocky, writing: "Awwww cute, also please have your sister help me get out of this hell hole.”

Yesterday (Wednesday 21 February), he used social media for a whole different reason as he headed to MGK’s profile to leave a bizarre - and somewhat cheeky - comment on a photo of the rapper showing off his new tattoo.

Joe Exotic took to Instagram to ‘shoot his shot’.

Responding to the post, Joe said: "A tiger and a bit of meth and you would be mine. Lol”.

The comment has caused a stir and has attracted plenty of responses, with one person saying: “Nah this crazy.”

Another wrote: “Baby you are wild.”

While a third said: “Shoot your shot King.”

Taking to his own profile, Joe shared a shot of MGK with the caption: “Now that we’re practically an item. Help me get the Hell out of here.”

He added: “Once you go Tiger King you'll forget about the Fox.”

MGK recently showed off his bold new blackout tattoo, which has taken over half of his upper body.

This image was then posted on the Joe Exotic Instagram account.

The rapper, 33, was already inked up, but he's now taken his body art obsession to a whole new level.

MGK, real name Colson Baker, has used his torso as a canvas several colourful creations plenty of times over the years, and has acquired a few memorable inkings - such as his birth year, an angel and a devil woman, a black raven and his daughter's name.

But a few of these beloved tattoos have now effectively vanished, as the music star revealed on Tuesday (20 February) that he has replaced them with a huge blackout tattoo.

Sharing a snap of his new look on Instagram - which caught the eye of Joe - MGK wrote: "For spiritual purposes only. Thank you @roxx_____."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@‌machinegunkelly/Santa Rosa Sherrif’s Office

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