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Julia Roberts has 'blocked out' reality TV star's present to wife as it was 'very strange'

Julia Roberts has 'blocked out' reality TV star's present to wife as it was 'very strange'

The actress wasn't a fan of the present Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Paul Kemsley gave to his wife.

Careful what kind of movie-inspired gift you're planning on giving your spouse this Christmas as Julia Roberts might have a few choice words to say about it.

The actor, 56, delivered a scathing review of the present that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley received from her husband Paul - also known as PK - for their eighth wedding anniversary.

Take a look here:

During the latest season of the Bravo show, the couple celebrated their marriage milestone on-screen with a Pretty Woman inspired date at the luxury Beverly Wilshire hotel, which was the primary filming location for the cult classic.

He also roped in her pal and co-star Kyle Richards to get her there, telling her: "I want you to pick Dorit up and take her for lunch at the iconic Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

"I'm gonna recreate the movie Pretty Woman."

As you can imagine - both viewers and Kyle had quite high expectations of what the property developer was going to do.

Cutting to the chase, fashion designer Dorit waltzes into a hotel suite to find a red rose, a note from her hubby, fruit platters, flowers and champagne.

Kyle had to ask whether she was getting 'any vibes' from the set-up or the location, but she was still none the wiser.

When the Pretty Woman penny finally dropped, Dorit wasn't too impressed by his efforts.

Dorit and PK enjoyed a Pretty Woman inspired date night littered with references to the iconic film.

She said: "In Pretty Woman, they sat down for breakfast and he said, 'I took the liberty of ordering everything on the menu'. I gotta pour my own water, I gotta lay out my own fruit.

"This does not scream, 'Hello! It's your anniversary!'"

Dorit perked up a bit when her glam team arrived with a row of red dresses mirroring the ones that Julia wore in the film for her big date, to which she said: "Just like Julia Roberts in the movie, I'm gonna leave my reality behind for one night and live out my movie fantasy."

She then trotted down to the hotel bar to find PK doing his best Richard Gere impression as he stood there with a $5,000,000 Peter Marco diamond necklace and recited the iconic line: "Don't get too excited about this, because it's on loan."

Recreating the memorable movie scene, he then snapped the box shut.

The couple then entered another room which was chock-a-block with candles and red roses, while the real-life band Berlin performed their hit Take My Breath Away.

Not a bad date all in all, right? Well, according to Julia Roberts, they got it very wrong.

Julia Roberts looked less than impressed when discussing the date.
Watch What Happens Live

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked her what she thought of the gift.

And while her face did most of the talking, she replied: "I blocked it out until this moment. was very strange, wasn't it? I really did block it out until you just brought it up again!"

Julia also pointed out that Dorit didn't exactly 'seem thrilled by it' and suggested that PK had fumbled the film references.

She continued: "And you think, the only thing that would have made it work is if the necklace was the gift.

"But before she even settled her eyeballs on it he was like, 'It's going back baby'. "I didn't understand any of it."

Featured Image Credit: Watch What Happens Live

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