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Kate Abdo jokes about breast size as she reacts to Greggs photoshopped image of her during live coverage

Kate Abdo jokes about breast size as she reacts to Greggs photoshopped image of her during live coverage

Kate Abdo opened up about her life before becoming a football pundit

When you see celebs on TV, it's easy to forget that they're actually real people and before making it big, they probably had a 'normal' job.

Now, with football coverage, it's a little different; the majority of pundits and experts are ex-players or managers, who've spent their entire lives in the game.

So you can imagine people's surprise when Kate Abdo revealed she used to work in Greggs.

A staple of the British high street, the popular bakery has filled stomachs and soothed countless hangovers over the years.

But it was also where the glamorous CBS presenter once plied her trade.

During coverage of Newcastle's Champions League match with Paris St Germain last night (4 October), Abdo was joined by ex-Liverpool and Manchester City regulars Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards.

The trio were also standing alongside fellow football expert Anita Nneka Jones, who explained she had been into the centre of Newcastle earlier that day to help out at a local Greggs.

With it being a US broadcast, Abdo felt duty-bound to explain to viewers what Greggs was - I mean, how do you sum up such a place? Well, quite simply as it happens: a purveyor of flakey pastry goods, most notable sausage rolls, pies and pasties.

Kate Abdo revealed she used to work at Greggs back in the day.

Directing his comment at Jones, Carragher said: "Oh wow, the most glamorous person I've ever seen selling Greggs."

However, while a nice compliment, Abdo took issue with the former footballer, saying: "Don't know about that, Jamie. Do you know who else used to work for Greggs? One and only, yes I did. Greggs in Stretford."

She added: "I wasn't quite dripping in Louis Vuitton back then. It was my first job.

While disbelief rippled through her co-presenters, producers mocked up a photoshopped image showing what Abdo probably looked like during her days behind the pastry counter.

And one rather generous feature of the image caught the 42-year-old's attention immediately.

Strong look from Kate Abdo.

"Wait, my breasts have never been that big," Abdo said. "I don't know when you took that picture. What the heck? Oh my goodness."

Jones then pulled out a massive bag of goodies from the bakery, handing out sausage rolls to Abdo and her fellow pundits.

"Why did you leave Greggs?" Carra asked.

"I got fired," Abdo admitted. "I got my tongue pierced and I couldn't speak to people. I have come a long way, a long way."

She sure has.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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