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People confused as Kim Kardashian is spotted with ‘extra thumb’ in Christmas photo

People confused as Kim Kardashian is spotted with ‘extra thumb’ in Christmas photo

People reckon there's something strange going on here

Some of Kim Kardashian's fans have been left scratching their heads after a recent picture showed she appeared to have an extra thumb on her hand.

Ever in the news, Kim recently took to Instagram to share some pictures from this year's Christmas but the comments had people fixating on one specific detail.

A fan was quick to ask 'why do you have two thumbs in pic 4' and several others wrote in to say they were also puzzling over the 'extra thumb' that had appeared in the shot.

If you look closely at her hands, it does look like she's got two thumbs on her right hand, though with the amount of time Kim Kardashian spends in the spotlight, you'd probably reckon that someone would have spotted her having two thumbs on one hand before now.

Others waded in to say that it was probably just a case of her pressing her hands together, meaning that the camera lens didn't pick up one of her hands but her left thumb was poking over and appeared to be stuck to her other hand, so mystery solved.

Some fans thought there was something wrong with this picture.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time Kardashian's fans have wondered about the number of digits poking out of one of her limbs.

Back in 2020 some of her fans thought she had six toes on one foot and she was quick to quash those concerns.

Kardashian later posted a video where she explained that when she wears shoes they squash a part of her foot down so from a distance it looks a bit like a toe.

Pitchforks down gang, it's just what someone's foot looks like when they're wearing shoes, no signs of witchcraft here.

She's far from the only celebrity who people have ended up being bamboozled by when it comes to the number of fingers and toes they have.

Two thumbs on the same hand, or just two hands each with the regulation one thumb pressed together?

This year's Christmas card from the Prince of Wales and his family had people feeling a bit weirded out as it looked like Prince Louis was missing a finger.

Plenty commented to say it looked like the kid's hand had been photoshopped and someone had forgotten to restore the missing digit somewhere along the line.

When this sort of thing crops up there are plenty of people who start wondering whether it's a bad photoshop job or if some AI has been used on the picture somehow.

AI can do many things, some of them we'd rather it didn't, but it appears to really struggle when you task it to draw hands or feet, though that's a problem human artists also struggle with.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

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