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KSI and Logan Paul hit with backlash after watching £400,000 Prime bottle get destroyed

KSI and Logan Paul hit with backlash after watching £400,000 Prime bottle get destroyed

Fans queued in London and New York City with the hopes of bagging the bottle

Branded ‘GOAT marketing’ by fans, a golden energy drink had people queuing up to compete on the streets of both London and New York.

Yes, of course it's Prime and the work of Logan Paul and KSI. You’re not exactly going to be doing that for a Lucozade are you?

The pair held a Golden Prime competition over the weekend to celebrate selling their billionth bottle of the drink.

The YouTubers turned entrepreneurs created special gold replicas of the usually bright coloured bottles, with one in the UK and another over in New York.

Placed within a bulletproof glass box, the £400,000 creation was only available if someone guessed the six-digit code.

But if no one got it right, the bottle would be completely destroyed.

Unsurprisingly, fans were queuing up in both cities over the 48-hour competition, with the hope of cracking the code with their one guess and taking home Paul and KSI’s creation.

And one lucky little lad in London did it.


Dressed in his Pinewood FC football kit, the young boy guessed the right six numbers and confetti burst into the air as he unlocked the case.

The crowd screamed as KSI celebrated the victory for the Brits – but this meant bad things over in New York.

Paul smiled for the youngster on the live stream but then realised what it meant for his gold bottle: “They got it? No! That means ours is getting burned!"

A video shared to his Instagram shows it getting ‘destroyed completely’ as the melted bottle hovered above a vat of molten lava with a temperature of 1,093C.

And now the pair have been hit with a little backlash following the prize being incinerated.

The golden Prime bottle in New York was torched and dropped into a vat of molten lava.

Watching the gold bottle getting melted fans write on Instagram: “I can’t believe that.”

Another user on X called the whole thing ‘so rigged’.

One put: “Sh*t was so set up. I don’t even f**k with Prime now.”

And another says: “All the families struggling with inflation and putting food on their tables, roofs over their heads, homeless in the streets and gas in their cars and you douchebags just throw away $500k I can think of better things $500k could go to.”

But others are made up for the little lad, wishing him a congrats and saying they’re ‘so happy a family won’.

Many fans also hail it ‘insane marketing’ as they call it the ‘best couple days’.

While the bottle may be ‘destroyed’, gold is still gold. So, it’s technically still intact, just in liquid form rather than in the shape of Prime.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@loganpaul

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