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Why £400,000 Prime bottle was destroyed straight after little boy cracked code

Why £400,000 Prime bottle was destroyed straight after little boy cracked code

Fans might not have been expecting to see the gold being 'destroyed'

KSI and Logan Paul are always up to something it seems.

From challenging boxers to fights or stirring up drama online, they never seem to rest. And over the weekend they were causing carnage with special gold bottles.

The YouTubers turned entrepreneurs launched a Golden Prime competition for fans to get their hands on a mega £400,000 prize.

KSI and Paul celebrated selling their billionth bottle of the popular energy drink by creating special solid gold versions of the bottle.

One of these were placed in a bullet-proof glass case in London with another over in New York City.

Fans had 48 hours to guess the random six-digit code and claim the weighty prize.

The Prime pair warned participants only had one chance each to attempt to unlock the case, before the solid gold bottle would be ‘incinerated completely’ if not claimed.

Fans had the chance to win the solid gold bottle.

Torches inside the case would ignite the bottle, thanks to a creation built by former NASA engineer, Mark Rober.

But luckily for London, a little lad in a Pinewood FC jacket managed to guess the correct numbers and win the bottle.

While this meant good things for him, it apparently meant very bad things over in the states.

KSI was buzzing the Brits had won, but as Paul watched via live stream in New York he made the gutting announcement.

The YouTuber screamed: “They got it? No! That means ours is getting burned!”

So, what fans may not have realised is that one bottle was going to be destroyed either way.

It seems that because the London bottle was claimed, the New York bottle was no longer up for grabs.

The golden Prime bottle in New York was torched and dropped into a vat of molten lava.

Paul shared footage as the US site began to destroy the golden prize.

The bottle was engulfed in flames as his jaw dropped at the sight.

To the echoes of ‘noo’ and ‘oh my god’, it was then lowered into molten lava.

Here in the UK, KSI seemed to revel in the sight as he announced: “It’s melting, the gold in New York is melting.”

The half-melted bottle is then raised higher above the very, very high temperatures as Paul can be heard saying: “That hurts. That’s $250,000 gone just like that.”

And then, breaking his heart, the rest of the bottle was dropped into the lava.

While the US bottle was somewhat ‘destroyed’ as the little boy in the UK cracked the code, the gold is still technically intact.

It might not be in the shape of the Prime bottle anymore, but it’s just in liquid form – and I doubt Paul will pass up on doing something with it.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/KSI/LoganPaul

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