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KSI says ‘money isn’t the reason’ he’s doing big Tommy Fury fight

KSI says ‘money isn’t the reason’ he’s doing big Tommy Fury fight

KSI takes on Tommy Fury tonight in Manchester

Perhaps when you're already a multi-millionaire, making money is no longer the motivation.

When it comes to KSI - who is reportedly worth over £23million - he insists that ‘money isn’t the reason’ he is taking on the Love Island star and undefeated boxer Tommy Fury in the ring tonight (14 October).

The heavily anticipated fight will take place this evening at a sold-out Manchester AO Arena alongside crossover boxing promotion Misfits Boxing, co-owned by KSI - real name Olajide Olatunji or JJ.

While JJ is expected to earn a seven-figure payday, the YouTuber insists that he is 'clueless' when it comes to how much he will make.

"For this fight, I don’t even know how much I’m getting paid. I don’t know. I know how much Tommy’s being paid and that’s about it," the 30-year-old told The Sun.

"I’m not really fussed, the money isn’t the reason I do this, I like creating big moments, I like looking back at my legacy and going, ‘Yeah, this was sick.’

"I just like shocking the world, I love it. There’s something about it which just makes me feel… I don’t want to say God like but it just makes me feel super powerful.

"I feel like after that I will be able to make so many people’s lives hell on social media. I’m just excited."

Things got personal in their latest stand-off a day before the fight.

KSI's business partner Logan Paul will also be on the undercard in his match against American MMA fighter Dillon Danis.

The pair are co-founders of Prime Hydration, which generated a reported $250 million in worldwide sales earlier this year.

KSI insisted: "I’m happy where I’m at money-wise.

"I feel like I’m in a good place. I’ve been doing YouTube for how many years, invested in so many things.

"When I first started I invested in houses because I didn’t know how long this YouTube bubble would last.

"So yeah, I’ve made the money that I wanted to make and now I’m looking for more than that.

"And I know after this fight I’m probably going to feel a little bit lost and think, ‘I'm going to need something to excite me again.’

"And just going to figure it out, whether that’s a fight with Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul, whatever, we’ll see.

"But right now I'm just trying to enjoy this moment because so many times there’s a destination point that I’ve got and I reach it and I’m like, ‘Now what?’

"So right now I’m just enjoying this moment and taking it all in and once I do what I said I was going to do, over and over again, yeah I get to enjoy it. Relish it."

Featured Image Credit: Ben Roberts Photo/Getty Images

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