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People remembering who Lucien Laviscount used to date as Shakira posts new photos with British actor

People remembering who Lucien Laviscount used to date as Shakira posts new photos with British actor

Although most of us have forgotten, the actor was in quite a weird relationship when he was 19

We all have a past, even though it may seem miles away from where you are in life today.

Luckily for us normal folks though, every inch of our entire lives haven't been catalogued online for people to browse through whenever they get curious - unless you're one of those people who really overshare on social media.

But unfortunately for those in the public eye, we've had a running commentary of their relationships, fallouts, family life, career moves and everything in between for decades.

Poor Lucien Laviscount is the latest star to find himself in the firing line, as the internet has been having a field day while discussing his dating history.

To be fair - he has got quite the colourful list of exes in the industry.

The 31-year-old, from Burnley, has made some serious moves since his Grange Hill, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road days, and his career is still going from strength to strength.

These days, he's touted as a possible candidate to play the next James Bond and locking lips with Lily Collins on the set of the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris - I mean, talk about a glow up.

As well as all that glamorous stuff, Lucien has managed to get booked to star as Shakira's love interest in her latest music video, which obviously came as quite a shock to Brits who remember him waltzing around in a school uniform on TV.

The Scream Queens star has teamed up with the Colombian songstress to work on the visuals for her track with rapper Cardi B, 'Puntería', which are yet to be released.

Shakira is obviously keen to drum up some excitement for the music video to drop, so what better way to do that than upload a series of sexy snaps that show a shirtless Lucien draping his arms round her?

Lucien stars as Shakira's love interest in her new music video.

The actor even planted a few kisses on the singer, 47, in the images, while she captioned the post: "Fine-tuning the shot with @its_lucien in Puntería."

But as they do, social media users have also gone off on another interesting tangent - about who Lucien used to date.

Although the memory might seem like a fever dream now, the heartthrob once had a fling with non other than the Kerry Katona after they met while filming Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.

The then-19-year-old and the former Atomic Kitten singer, who was 31 at the time, were filmed kissing and cuddling on the reality show before launching a full-scale relationship when they finally left the house.

The bizarre couple even did an OK! Magazine shoot which featured the tagline: "We hope we’ll be together forever."

The actor struck up a romance with Kerry Katona back in 2011.
Channel 5

Lucien eventually split with Katona and went on to reportedly date a string of high-profile women, including the likes of Jesy Nelson, Kelly Osborne, Keke Palmer and Leigh Anne Pinnock.

But none of them hold a candle to Kerry in the eyes of internet users, a feeling which they made clear while commenting on Shakira's post.

One wrote: "Thought this was a old Lucien and Kerry Katona photoshoot."

Another said: "This man’s trajectory - from being on Celeb Big Brother and dating Kerry Katona to this, needs to be studied."

A third added: "The way this man has had Kerry Katona and Shakira in the same life cycle is CRAZY."

A fourth joked: "Imagine Shakira doing the bridge in 'Whole Again'."

And a fifth chimed in: "He's a long way from Grange Hill."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Shakira

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