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‘Neil from The Inbetweeners’ posts hilarious no context photo and everyone is thinking the same thing

‘Neil from The Inbetweeners’ posts hilarious no context photo and everyone is thinking the same thing

The snap left fans reminiscing about the beloved E4 comedy

Everyone has been saying the same thing after Inbetweeners legend Blake Harrison posted a seemingly random picture on social media.

Harrison shot to fame in 2008 when he took on the role of Neil Sutherland in the beloved E4 comedy.

He starred alongside Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and James Buckley in all three seasons of the teen sitcom, as well as two Inbetweeners movies in 2011 and 2014.

Since his time as part of the infamous group of friends, the actor has also featured in TV programmes such as Death in Paradise and Doctor Who, and films like Dad's Army and The Kindred.

But, a recent snap posted on X (Twitter) has fans reminiscing back to where it all began.

Yesterday (30 March), Harrison shared a picture of himself stood in front of a Lego store with the caption: "Don't say it."

And, the seemingly innocuous pic had Inbetweeners fans going wild as they rushed to quote an infamous scene.

Fans were in hysterics after Inbetweeners actor Blake Harrison posted a picture of himself in front of a Lego store.

"How much Lego can you stuff up your bum?" wrote one fan.

"Just like a rectangular one and a long one. Couple of singles maybe," quoted another.

In the scene from season two, Neil interrupts Will's rant about how the lads are ruining his birthday to ask the question, sending the dinner into further chaos.

And fans have been loving Harrison's reference to the iconic scene.

One person joked: "Surprised they didn't tell you to leave the premises."

Another said: "But really, how much? We need to know, it’s been too long."

And a third commented: If Legoland don’t retweet this with ‘if you come to Legoland today, don’t play with the Lego,’ I’m going to be disappointed."

While someone else added: "Didn't say it... but I thought it."

The scene is iconic.

And it seems the main cast aren't the only ones who can't escape their Inbetweeners pasts.

Viewers of Netflix's The Gentlemen were left in stitches recently after realising they recognised one of its stars from The Inbetweeners Movie.

Back in 2011, Theo James played James, a holiday rep who spends most of the film being a k**b before getting his comeuppance when he borrows a 20 euro note from Jay to do some coke.

Unfortunately for him, that note had been stuffed up Jay's bum - leaving him a bit of poo hanging off his nose. Lovely.

After making the connection, one fan wrote on X: “I CANNOT unsee Theo James with poo stuck to the end of his nose from the Inbetweeners movie, I CAN’T UNSEE IT! Every time I look at him he has poo on the end of his nose.”

Featured Image Credit: X/@blakeharrison23/Channel 4

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