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Fans 'have questions' after spotting incredibly odd detail in photo of Noel Edmonds

Fans 'have questions' after spotting incredibly odd detail in photo of Noel Edmonds

And it's not 'deal or no deal?'

No matter how long it’s been since he was presenting it on telly there is just one question that comes to mind when you think of Noel Edmonds: Deal, or no deal?

Except a recent viral photo of the bloke has sparked a whole new load of questions entirely.

Edmonds was out and about in the Isle of Man yesterday (14 May) when he stopped off for some ice cream at a seaside café.

And, obviously buzzing to see the 75-year-old in the flesh, the staff asked the celeb for a picture.

Café manager Dalia was too starstruck to notice the odd detail spotted by other fans, as she gave him a £3 raspberry ripple on the house.

Busy and excited to see him, she uploaded the photo to Facebook and in came the comments. Racking up hundreds of views, users quickly noticed that Edmonds had made a rather unique fashion choice.

Brown shoe, or other brown shoe? (Kennedy News and Media)
Brown shoe, or other brown shoe? (Kennedy News and Media)

Posing with his cone of ice cream in jeans and a coat, the former I’m A Celeb star was wearing a pair of brown shoes.

But there’s just one problem, the brown shoes don’t match.

Edmonds has one lace-up boot in light brown and one slip-on in a darker shade - I guess one is the deal, and the other’s the no deal, perhaps.

Fans on Facebook said he has a ‘good taste in cafés but not shoes’ as they couldn’t figure out if he’d done it on purpose or not.

Dalia said she thought ‘how odd’ when she realised, and said: “They look totally different. It's like one is a normal shoe and one is a boot but I don't think he was walking funny.

"We didn't even see the shoes until afterwards because all the staff were busy and I was excited to see him.”

Quite the fashion choice. (Kennedy News and Media)
Quite the fashion choice. (Kennedy News and Media)

The manager said the post has ‘absolutely exploded’ because of the shoes, which she captioned: "Noel Big Deal, it's just Laxey ice cream!"

And one baffled user quickly questioned: "Why is he wearing odd shoes?"

As a second responded: "He's got another pair at home the same I was wondering the same, joking aside."

One user seemed to claim: "It's just something he does!"

While another put: "FFS LOL. They're not just odd colours or patterns they look like different types of shoes altogether lol. One is a lace-up and the other is a slip-on."

Though someone else complimented him and said: "Silly shoes, but he's looking good for 75 I'll give him that!"

LADbible has contacted Noel Edmonds’ reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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