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Bizarre reason Pitbull used a BlackBerry instead of an iPhone

Bizarre reason Pitbull used a BlackBerry instead of an iPhone

Mr Worldwide said he's even going to get a flip phone instead of an Apple device

Remember BBM? The good days of sending a ‘ping’ to your classmates during GCSE English or sending out broadcasts offering to rate people.

Yeah, OK, maybe we weren’t all using BlackBerry phones properly, but they did have a chokehold on a generation for a while.

And then we basically all just decided to move on. Now, most of your mates probably have an iPhone or perhaps an Android.

But it’s not exactly as common to have a BlackBerry as your personal mobile nowadays.

Except Pitbull never left the era. Yep, Mr Worldwide was a BlackBerry man for a lot longer than most.

And his reasons might surprise you.

The ‘International Love’ rapper has previously spoken about using the phones - which were confirmed as discontinued in 2022 and are now effectively defunct.

In a past radio appearance, Pitbull popped his phone on the desk as a host asked: “What kind of phone is that? Is that a BlackBerry?”

Pitbull said he'll move on to a 'flip phone'.
Scott Legato/Getty Images

And the music star said: “Watch out, I’m gonna be on a flip phone next year.

“But you know what that allows me to do? It allows me to stay focused and it doesn’t allow the noise to come in.”

You might not expect this part though, Pitbull has also previously spoke about ‘biblical’ ties of iPhones in previous chats, saying: “I’m not a religious man, I believe in God.

“But one of the stories out of the Bible, one of the most famous stories is what?”

Now brace yourself for this link to iPhones…

He continued: “It’s Adam and Eve. What did Eve bite? She bit the apple.

“Look at the logo on your f***ing phones. It’s a bitten apple.”

A Blackberry back in 2010.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

In the discussion others called it ‘crazy’ as they claim when you’re sat holding your phone it’s like you’re ‘praying’ to it.

And Pitbull added: “It’s a cell phone baby, it’s a cell phone for a reason - you’re prisoner to a phone, you’re stuck in a cell.

“I’m still on a BlackBerry.”

Even if he has now moved on (or should I say moved back) to a flip phone, it seems Pitbull isn’t one for the world of Apple devices.

It seems some people do believe the Apple logo can be seen as a symbol of temptation.

Designer of the logo Rob Janoff did confirm to Creative Bits in 2020 that the biblical tale ‘didn’t have a thing to do’ with the apple design.

But The Gospel Coalition do still say: “Nevertheless, the ‘fruit with a bite mark’ iconography certainly alludes to Eden and temptation, whether it was intended to or not.”

Either way, I don’t think I could cope on a flip phone unironically these days.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images/Flickr

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