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Shane MacGowan's wife shares heartbreaking update on star's health from hospital

Shane MacGowan's wife shares heartbreaking update on star's health from hospital

The Pogues frontman has been in and out of hospital since he received a shock diagnosis last year.

Shane MacGowan's wife has shared a heartbreaking update on his health amid his repeated hospital stints.

Victoria Mary Clark shared a poignant Instagram post alongside a snap of her sharing a smooch with The Pogues star.

Shane, 65, has been in and out of hospital in recent years due to his ailing health, although it is unclear what he is in for at the moment.

Last December, Shane was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening brain condition called encephalitis which causes the brain to swell.

He reportedly ended up in the intensive care unit in July, but Victoria still hopes he will be home in time for Christmas this year.

The 'Fairytale of New York' singer was seen still donning a hospital gown and an oxygen tube in his wife's recent post.

She discussed her emotions amid Shane's ongoing health struggles, as well as the fear of 'losing a person you love'.

Victoria shared a poignant Instagram post about Shane's health struggles.

The lengthy caption said: "The really really big challenge that we all face is to go beyond what our minds think are the limits of love and what love really is.

"A lot of the time that thing we call love can more accurately be described as attachment or desire or need or longing or closeness or connection.

"And all of these are totally valuable and human and we need to acknowledge and appreciate and accept every part of our experience.

"But sometimes when you love very deeply you will find yourself facing terrifying fears of loss that can feel so big and devastating that you don’t know how you can survive them and you can’t imagine life without this person that you love."

The author, who wed the Pogues frontman in November 2018, said she uses moments when she is 'staring into the abyss' to strengthen her connection with Shane.

The star has struggled with his health in recent years.
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Victoria continued: "You might alternate between terror and a sense of peace or a feeling of appreciation for what you have in the moment together or grace or gratitude for the love and support that is offered to help you by other people.

"Fear is an unknown place and this is what makes it so frightening, we make up stories about what is beyond the fear and they are not happy stories.

"But we can choose to stay present with everything that unfolds and to feel as much as possible in every moment and we can be surprised that there are more moments of beauty and grace and even joy than we ever imagined."

She signed off the poignant post by encouraging fans to 'stay tuned into love'.

Shane began using a wheelchair after breaking his pelvis in 2015 and breaking one of his knees in 2021.

He also underwent surgery in 2015 to get a new set of teeth.

Get well soon, Shane!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/victoriamaryclarke

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