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The music world is currently mourning the loss of Irish singer Sinead O'Connor, who was found dead at her home in London on Wednesday (26 July) at the age of 56.

Police released a statement saying that she was found 'unresponsive' at 11:18am and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials said her death was not being treated as suspicious and that her next of kin had been notified, with tributes pouring in for O'Connor once news of her passing emerged.

People are remembering her for all sorts of things, with many having fond memories of her music and plenty of her fans will have given her songs a listen in the days since her death.

Others are remembering the time she tore up a picture of the Pope on camera, which was controversial at the time but time and investigations proved her motives to be well founded.

Nothing Compares follows Sinead O'Connor's life and career.
Paramount Pictures

Still more are delighting in the ways she absolutely dunked on Piers Morgan more than once when he tried to get her onto his TV show.

One of the best ways to remember someone is with their own words and on that front you could watch Nothing Compares, the documentary about Sinead O'Connor where she speaks about her life.

People who've watched it have called it 'powerful and bittersweet', and there's plenty of O'Connor offering her perspective on her life so if you wanted to let her tell you her story it's really the best you can get.

Documentary director Kathryn Ferguson called it a 'love letter' to the singer, with Nothing Compares going on to pick up a multitude of awards and garner rave reviews from critics.

Following news of her death Nothing Compares has been added to Sky's on-demand service and Now, so people paying for those will be able to see the documentary.

Nothing Compares is available to stream on Sky or Now, and to rent or buy on Amazon or Apple.
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For those not paying for Sky, it can also be bought or rented on Amazon and Apple.

However, if you watch the documentary and are expecting to see Sinead O'Connor's powerful performance of the song 'Nothing Compares 2 U' then it won't be happening.

As the documentary's end credits explain: "The Prince estate denied use of Sinead's recording of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' in this film."

O'Connor was mother to four children, though sadly she was predeceased by her third child Shane, and she once said she left instructions for them in the event of her death.

The singer said that when she died she wanted her kids to call her accountant before the emergency services so they could 'make sure the record companies don't start releasing my records and not telling you where the money is'.

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