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Travis Kelce’s brother Jason has everyone saying the same thing as bizarre Super Bowl after party footage goes viral

Travis Kelce’s brother Jason has everyone saying the same thing as bizarre Super Bowl after party footage goes viral

Jason stole the show as his brother's team celebrated their Super Bowl win

Everyone’s saying the same thing about Jason Kelce after bizarre footage from the Super Bowl after party went viral online.

I mean, fair enough, his brother Travis had just won the game with the Kansas City Chiefs, so why not go big to celebrate?

The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, leading to big celebrations for the NFL team and their families – including Taylor Swift’s parents.

And despite his brother being the one on the winning team, fellow NFL star Jason stole the show at the party.

One of the videos doing the rounds from the party shows Swift and Travis kissing and dancing together as one of her own songs plays.

A club remix of ‘Love Story’ booms as the Grammy winner sings along and her boyfriend bops along with her, hugging her, all couple-y.

But as fans say on X, there ‘are two types of people in this world’ as the camera pans over hilariously to Jason.

The Philadelphia Eagles player is stood behind the DJ decks, manned by Marshmello, really working the crowd.

Oh, and the bloke’s also wearing a Mexican wrestling mask with his iconic Kansas City Chiefs-branded dungarees.

Jason stole the show.

Clapping with a microphone in his hand, another club video shows him, well, I guess gyrating a little and splashing his can onto some symbols. Still with his mask on, of course.

He’s clearly a real life and soul of the party type of guy as the crowd at the packed after party love him and he danced alongside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Other videos show him stumbling about as a glammed-up Travis and Taylor get ready to leave – again, he was still in his wrestling mask.

'There's two types of people'.

Users on X said they needed to see the ‘aftermath of Jason’ as people said he was giving ‘immaculate vibes’ at the party.

While some users joked Swift and Travis ‘dance like two college students who got into the club with fake IDs’, people said the best part of their relationship is everyone ‘discovering Jason’.

Others put: “Which b rother is living the best life?” as they joke Jason is ‘acting like he won the Super Bowl’.

Plenty say Jason is ‘living his best life’ as they want to go for beers with him.

And one even put: “Jason is my new fave celeb Travis who?”

Featured Image Credit: X

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