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Vera Wang, 74, says the secret to her youthful looks is donuts, vodka and daily McDonald’s

Vera Wang, 74, says the secret to her youthful looks is donuts, vodka and daily McDonald’s

My kind of beauty advice.

Ah yes, it's the eighth wonder of the world.

For years, people have been obsessed with Vera Wang's ageless appearance.

Despite the fashion designer being six years shy of 80, Wang still looks like she's in her forties.

And what's her secret? Did she make a deal with the devil? Does she drink from an actual fountain of youth? Or has she invested in a seriously expensive retinoid?

Well, it turns out it's none of those reasons.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While speaking to Page Six, the fashion designer said she credits her youthful appearance to vodka, McDonald's and doughnuts - yes, you read the correctly.

Finally, a diet I can get behind.

“I do eat McDonald’s, absolutely,” she said while appearing at the DKMS Gala in NYC.

“I order it every day, like two weeks on it, and then I’ll change.”

Along with a cheeky Maccas run, the 74 year old added she also doesn't deprive herself of a vodka cocktail occasionally.

However, she doesn't just stop there.

“I like the cream-filled, sugar-coated doughnut,” she shared.

“It’s like a jelly doughnut, but it’s cream inside, vanilla cream. I like the pink with sprinkles, too.”

In 2020, Wang went viral after she shared an image of her off-duty self, with many fans taken aback by her glowing skin and abs.


Let us remind you that at the time, she was 70..

One person took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and wrote: "Vera Wang is 70 years old and looking like this... so..sooo..the fountain of youth really does exist."

Another said: "So.. Vera Wang is 70 years old and i'm just here... chilling with my back pain..."

While a third commented: "*Googling Vera Wang’s diet & skin care routine*"

Me too right now, tbh.

Recently, in an interview with PEOPLE, Wang also shared the secrets to her youthful appearance.

The 74 year old shared: "..I have to say, sleep, staying out of the sun without sunblock, and good lighting is everything too!”

The designer also credits her work in the fashion industry for her incredible appearance and sharp mind.

Wang added her routine constantly keeps her on her toes, preventing the brain from atrophy.

"Nobody believes me when I say it, but working keeps you young. It keeps your mind young, and your spirit up and your relevance up, which I think affects your body,” she added.

Featured Image Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images. Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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