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Chris Hemsworth’s personal chef explains what he has to eat to gain weight

Chris Hemsworth’s personal chef explains what he has to eat to gain weight

If you want to look like Chris Hemsworth then you've got to eat like Chris Hemsworth, and also do some exercise

If you want to get a body like Chris Hemsworth you'll need to be ready to go all in on your exercise routine and diet, so you might want to look into getting your very own personal chef to sort out your meals.

While most of us will have three meals a day and eat whatever happens to be in our fridges and cupboards, movie stars needing to either bulk up or slim down for a role have very specific dietary requirements.

You can put in all the work you like in the gym but if you're not eating the right things it won't make much difference, so you'll need to have at least a decent idea what you're doing.

Hemsworth has been getting meals from Michelin-trained chef Sergio Perera for years and the chef adapts the Hollywood star's diet depending on what sort of role he's preparing for.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the chef lifted the lid on what sort of meals Hemsworth eats and it's a pretty regular routine with a clear set of rules.

Looking like a Norse god takes a lot of exercise and a well planned diet.
Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

If the Thor star needs to bulk up and gain some extra weight in the form of muscle mass for a role then it's meat throughout the day before switching to seafood later on as it's easier for the body to digest before bedtime.

Obviously it's not all just meat and fish, there's plenty of vegetables in there too like spinach and kale to give him all the nutrients a healthy, growing 39-year-old movie star needs.

Something Hemsworth always has in the mornings is a drink of warm lemon water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it before he's eaten anything else, as that apparently helps his body better absorb nutrients.

On top of that there's also plenty of vitamin supplements to keep Hemsworth healthy and looking like a god of thunder.

In a typical day planned out by Perera, Hemsworth will start with his lemon water drink before washing that down with 'bullet coffee', which is a double shot of espresso along with MCT oil, cinnamon and lion's mane mushroom powder.

At noon Chris is expected to chow down on a big salad with raw and cooked vegetables mixed in accompanied by either fish, chicken or beef.

If you want to look like Chris Hemsworth prepare to change your diet.
Cinematic Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

In the afternoon Hemsworth is allowed to nuts, seeds, berries and raw fish, while at 3pm he gets a protein rich meal to really fill him up, while at 8pm it's fish with potatoes and other vegetables.

Of course, just because you eat like a movie star it doesn't mean you'll automatically begin to look like one, as Hemsworth has to couple his diet with plenty of exercise.

Perera explained that the Avengers star works out on an empty stomach and has a protein smoothie afterwards, and that he needs about 10 minutes worth of ice baths a week too.

The chef said his 'secret weapon' in cooking was agave nectar, as it tasted very sweet but didn't jump blood sugar levels up.

Featured Image Credit: @chrishemsworth/instagram

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