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Where was Netflix's Day Shift filmed?

Where was Netflix's Day Shift filmed?

Netflix's new vampire comedy Day Shift is gaining plenty of fans on the streaming platform - but where was it filmed?

New Netflix comedy Day Shift stars Jamie Foxx as Bud Jablonski, a dad trying to provide for his family by working as a pool cleaner. However, there’s a catch - Bud’s pool cleaning business is actually just a front for a group of vampire hunters that hunt and kill the undead for cash. 

Bringing plenty of action sequences as well as comedy moments, the film also offers scenes set in stunning locations, with plenty of sunny backdrops and Hawaiian shirts depicting the movie’s warm climate. 

With so much of the story set in California and the San Fernando Valley, viewers are finding themselves wondering where the movie’s filming locations were. Here’s what we know about where Day Shift was filmed…

What were the filming locations for Day Shift?

Day Shift stayed true to its script location by filming many of its scenes in the area its actually set, with the areas of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles serving as a major filming location.

According to Variety Insight, principal photography for Day Shift took place in Los Angeles from April to August 2021, with sequences filmed in Glendale, Simi Valley and Circus Liquor in North Hollywood. Other scenes were reportedly filmed at the North Valley Family YMCA, the Northridge neighbourhood of the San Fernando Valley, and more.

However, LA wasn’t the only location used for filming.

The cast and crew also headed to Atlanta, Georgia for a substantial part of filming, including at the North DeKalb Mall and the Gwinnett Place Mall. Additional filming reportedly took place at the OFS Atlanta showroom, one of the largest film studios in North America.

Atlanta has served as a popular filming location outside of Hollywood for many projects, with releases such as Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Ironheart also being filmed there.

The film serves as the directorial debut of J. J. Perry, who’s best known for his previous work as a stuntman.

The director opened up to Vanity Fair on why the film was set in LA specifically, saying: “I live in Koreatown, and you have to earn money. Earning enough is such a huge part of living in L.A. because it’s expensive to live here. So being a pool cleaner is not a good enough job. [Jablonski] had to get a side job to supplement his income. And there’s another secret world of vampires that is hiding right under our noses that nobody knows about."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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