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AI recreates The Incredibles as 1950s sitcom and it’s seriously creepy

AI recreates The Incredibles as 1950s sitcom and it’s seriously creepy

One person even compared Violet to Billie Eilish

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and now it’s even re-creating our favourite childhood animations and showing us what they would look like as a live-action.

Now, we've seen artificial intelligence (AI) do some pretty crazy things, from creating what the 'average man' looks like in major UK cities to the 'average person' for each job, but what about creating a show or film?

There was a recent buzz about an AI depiction of The Simpsons which sent fans into a spiral, but this time it’s The Incredibles getting a revamp.

Created by 'Demonflyingfox', we can see exactly what Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet and Dash look like in real life… as well as a number of other characters from the hit Pixar movie.

Well, if we were in the 1950s that is.

The trailer shows us how the family would fare as a retro sitcom narrative and it’s pretty bizarre.

Mr Incredible. (Demonflyingfox)
Mr Incredible. (Demonflyingfox)

Fans of the 2004 classic took to the comments to share their thoughts on the creation.

One person wrote: “This is both so cool and so creepy for this to have been made by AI.”

Another said: “Why is Violet Billie Eilish.”

Violet. (Demonflyingfox)
Violet. (Demonflyingfox)

A third questioned: "This doesn’t scare anybody?"

While someone else raved: "This is the best live action recreation."

And another joked: “You can see in their eyes that they have no souls.”

Dash. (Demonflyingfox)
Dash. (Demonflyingfox)

They’re not wrong, but at least we can now see what the animated characters would apparently look like as real people.

Anyway, this isn’t the only cool news to emerge about the film franchise, which had its second instalment in 2018.

Frozone. (Demonflyingfox)
Frozone. (Demonflyingfox)

When asked about 'the potential for Incredibles as a Disney+ series', Pixar's chief creative officer Pete Docter recently told Entertainment Weekly: "Clearly, that’s a super entertaining world.

"[Director] Brad Bird and [Pixar’s former chief creative officer] John Lasseter really brought some great stuff that was original to that genre of family on the mundanity of having dinner, carpooling to school, or whatever, and superheroes.

"That feels like it definitely has more to play with."

With billions made at the box office thanks to both films, it’s no surprise that they are considering adding to the franchise.

As Disney continues to shake things up and add more content on Disney+ for fans to browse, there’s definitely going to be a few things popping up for us to watch while we sit with our fingers crossed and hope for the series to be made.

Featured Image Credit: demonflyingfox/Instagram

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