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Is Drake Married?

Is Drake Married?

In a recent music video, Drake marries not one, but 23 women. But is the rapper actually engaged?

Drake has just released a surprise new album, titled Honestly, Nevermind. As part of this new launch, the Canadian rapper has released a music video for the song ‘Falling Back’. This video sees Drake marry not one, but 23 women. 

Some have called the video polygamy-themed, though whether Drake is trying to make a political comment on marriage is unclear. It looks for the most part like Drake indulging himself in a fantasy land of stunning women. 

All this excitement has led to many wondering whether Drake is actually married in real life. 

Is Drake Currently Married?

Drake tends to stay very private when it comes to his dating life. Not an easy thing to do when you are a superstar with over 50 top 10 hits. However, the answer for the moment is no, he is not not married. 

He does, though, have a child from his previous relationship with artist Sophie Brussaux.

The pair are reported to have met in 2017, and in 2018 it was confirmed that they have a son together, named Adonis.

The couple have since split, and agreed to co-parent their son, leaving Drake to navigate the challenges of parenting as a single father. 

Drake has spent a long time in the lime-light so has inevitably been linked to his fair share of celebrity women, including the two singers Rihanna and Jorja Smith.

Neither of those ever went the distance, and Rihanna now appears happily coupled up with A$AP Rocky

It will be interesting to see whether his new singles, and subsequent music videos, match the immense success of his previous albums. In 2016, his single ‘One Dance’ sold over 12 million copies and was the biggest song of the year.

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