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England Fan Who Has 'World Cup Winners' Tattoo Speaks Out After Loss To Croatia

England Fan Who Has 'World Cup Winners' Tattoo Speaks Out After Loss To Croatia

Jamie Richardson says he has 'no regrets' over the inking he had which read: "England 2018 World Cup Winners"

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

England lost the World Cup semi-final clash against Croatia last night, the nation was naturally disappointed but immensely proud.

But a few of us woke up this morning thinking 'we wonder how disappointed Jamie Richardson is' - you know the bloke who had 'England 2018 World Cup Winners' tattooed on his stomach.

Now, it would be easy for us all to blame him for the defeat - he definitely jinxed us. But we're not in the business of playing the blame game.

And whether we blame Jamie for this or not, it doesn't look like the England superfan is all that fussed.

He told the Daily Star Online that he was 'extremely proud to be English' adding: "It's better to have believed and lost than to have never believed at all.

"I have no regrets. I've woken up extremely proud to be English today.

"All them boys will be coming home heroes. They've done the entire country extremely proud.

"Gareth Southgate has been carrying this weight around with him since 1996 and now he can come home knowing he gave us something to believe in."

Jamie Richardson

Speaking to LADbible after he had the tattoo done, Jamie said: "We were 5 - 0 at half-time, and I just knew. It just felt like not since Euro 96 when we were 1 nil up against the Germans, or in 1998 when Michael Owen scored against Argentina and before Beckham got sent off, we - in a major tournament - really had a chance of winning.

"I know it was only Panama, but you look at the last five nations that have won - France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Brazil, all of these major teams. It's our turn."

He continued: "Spain drew with Morocco, Germany lost to Mexico.

"You've got all these other teams that are struggling at the minute, and with teams sitting so deep, to go 5 - 0 up against any team at international level is pretty good going."

Jamie Richardson

His girlfriend wasn't overjoyed - maybe she didn't believe the Three Lions were going to make it all the way.

"At first, she called me a dickhead, but once she'd seen it, she said it wasn't that bad," Jamie said.

So, did Jamie tempt fate? It seems like that may be the case as England are out of the World Cup after being beaten by Croatia.

Note to self - don't have a tattoo when the nation's hopes and dreams are clinging on to it.

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Richardson

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