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There's a new favourite to be next James Bond after producers explain what they're looking for

There's a new favourite to be next James Bond after producers explain what they're looking for

James Bond producers have said what they're looking for in their next star and there's a new favourite to succeed Daniel Craig

There's a new favourite to be the next James Bond after producers explained exactly what they're looking for in the role.

While Daniel Craig's 007 was a tough and stoic superspy who could break through walls, he could also show a more emotional side in his more vulnerable moments.

By the end of his run as Bond, Craig's 007 was running around the bad guy's lair with his daughter's favourite teddy bear hooked onto his belt having had a touching scene in No Time To Die where he awkwardly made her some breakfast.

It's hard to imagine other Bonds doing that, but it looks like it'll be the blueprint for the future after producer Barbara Broccoli said Craig had 'cracked Bond open emotionally' and that same emotional heft would be required of future 007s.

They've previously said they're looking for the next Bond to be a 'reinvention' of the iconic cinema star, but they haven't actually started looking yet as it will be 'at least two years' before they begin filming the next one.

Daniel Craig left a big impact after spending so long as James Bond.
Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

To get linked with playing Bond doesn't require much beyond being a good-looking actor in a suit, though there are some clear favourites in the pack.

Idris Elba has long been a popular choice to replace Craig though it looks like he's probably not getting the job after producers talked about the time commitments required for the role.

They said Bond was a '10-12 year commitment' with the expectation that the next actor would star in multiple movies.

At 50 years old with at least a couple of years before the next Bond film it might be a bit much to expect Elba's to be playing 007 to run through his mid-50s and into his 60s.

Daniel Craig ended his run as 007 aged 53, Elba would be just starting his at a similar age, and there's always the risk of ending up like Roger Moore in A View to a Kill where the man himself later said he was 'about 400 years too old' for it.

Somebody younger then, though maybe not as young as 26-year-old Tom Holland who has also been linked with the role.

Henry Cavill looking very Bond-like in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Cinematic Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

According to the bookies the clear favourite to become the next Bond is Henry Cavill, who has long been another popular choice among Bond fans to succeed Craig.

He looks good in a suit, has plenty of action experience in his career and proved he could pull off the role of a suave spy in 2015's The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Among fans of Cavill as the next 007 is Matthew Vaughan, director of spy film series Kingsman, as he said Cavill was 'born to play Bond'.

If the odds are to be believed then Cavill's next closest rival for the role is Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page, while Tom Hardy and James Norton have also been rumoured to be frontrunners as the new 007.

As for others wondering who could replace Daniel Craig as James Bond don't ask his predecessor Pierce Brosnan, he's really not that bothered who the next one is.

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