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Henry Cavill Was 'Born To Play James Bond,' Says Matthew Vaughan

Henry Cavill Was 'Born To Play James Bond,' Says Matthew Vaughan

Henry Cavill stars in Matthew Vaughan's 'Argyle,' a role he says demonstrated the actor's suitability to playing James Bond perfectly.

As we move towards the new year, when a certain producer of a certain film said they’d start thinking about the next James Bond, one director has said Henry Cavill is the perfect candidate.

Matthew Vaughan, who is the director of The King’s Man, said he doubts he’d ever get to call the shots on who plays the next 007, but if he did, he’d cast the Witcher star. 

Henry Cavill, that man was born to play Bond. When you see how he is in this film [Argyle], I was just like, 'Wow, this guy is everything you'd imagine Bond to have been, or be’," he said.

Freya Allan, Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra attending the world premiere of The Witcher season two. (

Matthew Vaughan is the director of Argyle, which sees Cavill feature alongside Samuel L Jackson and John Cena, among other elite cast members. 

Cavill is the latest actor to make the unofficial list of potential candidates for the next James Bond. He joins Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Rege-Jean Paige, among others, as a fan-favourite to take Hollywood’s most sought after role.  

There are also plenty of other actors who’d like to take on the role, Spider-Man’s Tom Holland apparently talks about playing the MI6 agent “a lot,” according to his co-star (trust Ned to embarrass his pal). Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has also expressed a desire to take on the role after revealing that his grandfather once appeared in a Bond movie.

In fact, Cavill auditioned to play James Bond back when Casino Royale was in the works, but obviously he lost that gig to Daniel Craig. Who’s to say that Cavill wouldn’t be successful this time?

With the way No Time To Die ended though, fans aren’t sure how James Bond will return in future films and it’s been suggested that Bond could even be played by a woman or a non-binary actor in future. Barbara Broccoli has said, however, that she stands by her decision to keep in with tradition and cast a male actor for the next Bond movie

This latest bit of James Bond gossip comes as Cavill’s second outing in The Witcher landed on Netflix. The actor is involved in a number of projects at the moment. A lot of his time in 2022 will no doubt be consumed by producing The Witcher season three, which we’ve heard has now officially been written up. With that being said, we’re sure Cavill would jump at the chance to play the next Bond if the Broccoli’s decided to hand him the role of a lifetime. 

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