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Bets Have Opened For Who Will 'Win' When 'Game Of Thrones' Comes To A Close

Bets Have Opened For Who Will 'Win' When 'Game Of Thrones' Comes To A Close

For seven years now, we've been avidly tuning in to watch Game of Thrones, speculating as to who will come out on top and sit as King of Westeros.

Will be it Jon Snow? Or how about Daenerys Targaryen and her army of dragons? In an unexpected turn of events, could The Hound become ruler of the land? It's highly unlikely, but if you're feeling confident about your guess, now might be the time to put your money where your mouth is.


Online sports gambling site Bovada has opened betting for who will win the HBO series by sitting as King of the land when the upcoming final season draws to a close.

Here are the odds (via OddsShark):

Daenerys Targaryen - +200
Jon Snow - +200
Bran Stark - +350
The Night King - +1000
Tyrion Lannister - +1250
Jaime Lannister +1500
Cersei Lannister - +1500
Sansa Stark - +2500
Arya Stark - +4000
Euron Greyjoy - +5000
Varys - +7500
Gendry - +7500
Melisandre - +10000
JaqunH'ghar - +10000
Brienne of Tarth - +10000
Jorah Mormont - +10000
Bronn - +10000
Davos Seaworth - +10000
The Hound - +10000
Gilly - +10000
Daario Naharis - +10000
Yara Greyjoy - +10000
Samwell Tarly - +15000
Theon Greyjoy - +15000
Tormund Giantsbane - +15000
The Mountain - +20000

Favourites are Jon Snow and Daenerys, who are tied at the top, while Bran Stark, surprisingly, is just a tad behind in third.


Then there's the Night King, supreme leader of the White Walkers, who is leading his army down south for battle - he's lagging behind a little in fourth place. Victory for master of the Wights, however, would be seen as a very bleak conclusion to the show.

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Season 7 was wrapped up back in August 2017, which now seems like a lifetime ago and fans have been pulling their hair out in anticipation for the new series.

There's has been no confirmation yet but it's thought the final series will hit our screens in 2019.

Producers of the HBO programme are hoping to get the final season just right and not leave fans disappointed with the conclusion.

Last season, Snow's lineage was revealed. He is was born to Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targarye, making him the true heir to the throne - but things are rarely ever that simple in Game of Thrones.

Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO

The hit series isn't kind to its viewers in many respects, as it clear has no problem with killing off its most popular characters at every turn.

We just hope we can make it through the last season without seeing any more fan favourites dying in front of our eyes. We don't think we can take much more.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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